His weakness

His true weakness is when she

Is around he can hardly help

Himself but to look at her

Beauty he know he wants

Her but can’t have her

Because her heart is not

In the same place as his

At the moment


He also know he must be

Patient with her because she has been

Hurt too much and she will come to

Him when the time is right and she

Just don’t want anyone to get to close

To her now


His weakness also starts in his

Eyes the way he looks at her

With so much love and tenderness

And he never looks that way when

She is not around


His weakness is also in his smile

Because he can’t help himself but

To smile when she looks up

To look at him and the thing

That is most ironic is that a

Man so strong and independid

Can grow so weak in the

Presence of a girl who stole

His heart from the minute he

Laid his eyes on her.

The End

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