His Sweet MelodyMature

Lorelei and Wesley. Teenage loves who grew up in a small town. She was smart, but too shy and self conscious to leave and go after her dreams and him to absorbed in his dreams to stay. Their love for music brought them together but his love for it took him away. 10 years later hes back home, needing a break from all the attention and stress, she's still there teaching music to high schoolers and giving private lessons after school. Hes looking to reconnect and she's still hurt by the past.

       June 28, 2010
      She stared down at the box filled with her precious, most prized possessions. The box held all the memories she wanted to remember, even a few that she wished to forget but would forever be apart of her. The overwhelming urge to burn the box and all its contents poured over her like an ice cold wave. She had come to hate her life and everything it represented; the unhappiness that ensued her everyday to the point that she had developed a severe case of depression, the suicidal thoughts that filled her head every moment of everyday. There was never a day that she could be happy that wasn't followed by days that threatened her sanity and had her on the verge of taking her own life. All the people she thought she could count on were gone, in more ways than one. she was alone too often with her dark thoughts, all she wanted in life was to be content maybe even a little bit happy, she wanted to enjoy life again, for her laughs to be real and not forced, for her smiles to be real and genuine. She wanted to belong to someone, anyone who could understand her and accept her as who she was.    Angrily, she threw the box against the wall, all the contents spilling across the floor, a few of them busting into pieces from the force. Wiping away the tears that slipped from her eyes she stood from her place on the floor, looking around the room she took in everything that was a part of her old life. She didn't want to live this way anymore, the need for a new life, to forget the old and welcome the new washed over her. 

The End

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