Dressed In Black

Where am I now? I'm at his funeral, dressed in black, full of grief. His parent's are not that far away from me. They're crying there poor hearts out. I'm trying to stay strong, 'cos that's what he would of wanted me to do.

I don't know why he died. He never did anything wrong. All I know is how he died. Thinking of it makes me feel sick. But, I need to learn how to cope.

He died when driving apparantly. OK, it's not that bad; he didn't get shot or anything. But, he was driving to to my house. It was our 7th Year Annversary. Not for being married or anything, just from knowing eachother.

Boy did it sting. I also remember when I got the phone call. It was exactly 4;51pm, and I was setting up a romantic meal for two. I'd bought (I'm not the kind of person to cook stuff) a Chinese, with duck spring rolls, one of his favourite foods.

You know when people say to forget about the past and to focus on the future? I'm trying to do that, but all I can think about is what he's going to miss...

The End

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