Meeting Andy

I never had to go far to start moving on. I went out one night with some friends from collage, as it was one of my friends 21st birthday. We went to a bar, just down the road from where I live.

When it was my round, I was waiting for my order, when I saw a tall, blonde man standing not that far away from me. He caught my eye, and winked. I briefly smiled back, not taking much intrest in him.

Two seconds later, I found him standing right next to me. ''I'm Andy,'' he said, gazing into my eyes. He sounded familier, but I couldn't work out where he was from.

We seemed to click straight away, and he asked me questions about where I was from and what school I went to.

The only thing was, he didn't seem that bothered about telling me about his past. I just assumed he was shy.

However, after taking his good looks into account, I realised this might not be the case.

The End

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