The Trophy Room

Brianna is watching me today, playing hockey. My best friend, Nicole is pointing to me and persuading Brianna to cheer for me.

After finishing the game, we travel home, and I carefully place his skates back where I always keep them: In our private ''Trophy Room''.

The ''Trophy Room'' used to just be an attic, but now I've moved all of that stuff into the basement, as we don't go down there much. The ''Trophy Room'' is only small, but it holds many memories. It holds many items that mean things to me, including the cans that we used to use as goals when we were children.

Of course, it also includes trophys, ranging from the ones we won when we first joined the hockey team, and ones from recent times.

If he had became famous, I wouldn't send off all of this to a muesuem, I would keep it exactly where it is, as it is far too precious.

I place the skates next to a photo of us, playing in a match, just a week before he died. Tears well up in my eyes as I place them there, and then I sadly smile.

One thing I realise now is that, maybe, just maybe, I should start to move on...

The End

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