He's going to miss Brianna. Our little girl. Our little girl who he never even knew excisted. I was going to tell  him the news on that day he died. I never got to.

I hope she grows up to be brave like her Father. That's what her name means, 'Brave Warrior'.

I don't know what I'm going to do when she grows up asking where her Daddy is. I think I will just tell her he's in the sky, and as she grows older explain it to her more.

She looks like him too. She has that gorgeous brown hair and those irrestistible green eyes.

It's strange, as whenever I put ''I believe I can fly'' on (which was his song that we played at the funeral), she seems fixed and smiles then looks up to the sky. It's as if in her little heart, she know's what's going on.

The End

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