The End- Epilogue

It's a crazy thought, knowing that I would be able to live the life of another, while still being connected by my own. 

Ian Oliver Soul is still my name to this day. Unlike the original and first cycle of my life, I have a mother now, and a happy-go-lucky father. Both of who I appreciated and nurtured me. I've grown to this day now, living a different life, but one thing stays the same, that me and Aaliya were meant to be. Also Lucas never ended up in the hospital in a coma. 

I blew out the candles. Aaliya, blowing on a party favor, wrapped her arms around my shoulders. 

"Happy Eighteenth Birthday Ian!" Everyone cheered. Lucas took a knife and started cutting the cake. My mom purchased an ice-cream cake since Juliet was known for not being a huge fan of regular cake. Mrs. Miller was the one who helped my mother pick it out.

"You're a man now son," My father laughed. I smiled as Mr. Miller handed me a piece of my birthday cake which had inscribed: 'Happy 18th Ian' in blue lettering, made with that slimy sugar stuff.

"How's our book coming Ian?" Lucas asked me, sticking a fork full of cake into his mouth.

"It's coming pretty good," I admitted. "I'm almost done. Actually I think I should have it all written out by tonight."

"Awesome," Lucas smiled. "I found a very promising publisher. Maybe we could head over there tomorrow."

"Sounds good," I mumbled.  


The End

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