First Comes Heavy Breathing

"Melanie?" Nathan asked through the static of the phone. "You mean 'I kick you in the place, if you even look at me' Melanie?"

I blinked awkwardly. "You kicks guys there?"

"Lucas!" Nathan shouted. "Have you gone completely mental? How can you not remember freshmen year? That should be fixed into your brain." 

"Well maybe she's not that bad if you get on her good side," I suggested. 

"Lucas buddy, I hope your right." 

I rolled my eyes, "Your an idiot you know that right?" He only bounced back with a 'yeah' before we hung up. I walked into my room and Put on one of his band T-shirts, a pair of slightly ripped jeans, and combed through my hair. I got out his black Converse and set them by the door. I pulled out a twenty dollar bill from his little black money box, and slid it into his wallet, along with his ID and movie VIP card. 

"Hey dad I'm going to the movies," I called out to him. 

"Lucas," He snipped. "Aren't you grounded?" Oops. I forgot about that. 

"My teacher says our whole class has to see it," I lied, quite well though. "Big test on it tomorrow." 

"Fine, be back by 10," He groaned. I nodded, slipping my feet into my shoes. 

I drove up to her house, and walked up nervously to her door. I rung the doorbell and waited. She opened the door, wearing about the same thing I was. I smiled, and she smiled back. Without any words she ran to my car and jumped in the passenger's seat. I got into the drivers seat and turned on the radio. 

We drove down to the movie theater, the whole time without conversation, unless you count her singing, and me complimenting her voice. She laughed. The movie theater wasn't very packed today. Maybe because it was Wednesday, not a normal 'let's go to the movies' day. 

I bought tickets to a scary movie that started in about ten minutes. I allowed her to get her drink as I got the popcorn. We met back together and went into the theater. I allowed her to choose the seat and she chose one near the back, where no one else normally sat. She pulled down the cup holder on the side farthest from me, and I did the same for her, leaving a space in between. I hoped that was what she wanted. 

She had control of the popcorn, and ate that until the previews ended. I tried to start conversation on wether she thought any of those movies seemed interesting, but she refused to acknowledge the fact that I was speaking to her. 

The movie started. I was sixteen, and I thought that starting out trying to hold her hand as it sat on the seat, was childish. I yawned and stretched out my arm behind her. She looked up at me, and giggled to herself and rolled her eyes. 

"What?" I whispered to her.

"Your such a noob," She answered.

"What would be better?" I asked her, narrowing my eyebrows. She looked up at me again.

She slightly parted her lips and started leaning towards me. I felt my arm start to shake. She closed her eyes as her lips pressed against mine. My eyes opened wide.  This felt awful, just awful. She wasn't a bad kisser, but I felt like I was having an affair!

"What's wrong?" She asked. I shook my head. She smiled and then grabbed the back of my head. I chocked on my own spit, but she didn't seem to notice. She kissed me even more. 

How awkward this experience was.

I tried kissing her back, but it all just felt wrong. I pictured Aaliya in my mind and I felt my eyes start to moisten. I backed off.

"I have to go to the bathroom real quick," I mumbled nervously. She nodded and i jumped out of my seat. I walked down the steps and into the bathroom. I didn't have to really go, I just needed a place to think. I placed my hands on the edge of the sink. A tear slipped down his cheek.

And from there, I cried.  

The End

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