First Date

Drool spilled out onto the desk. If it weren't for Dylan I probably would've gotten into even more trouble. Thankfully he had my schedule memorized like any girls phone number. My/Lucas's father wasn't to thrilled about me/him getting detention. I brought a long one of  his notebooks, which he had scribbled and doodled in a little. I figured it would be a good read as well as something to write in. 

The room was too quite for my busy mind to stand. A girl sat besides me, she seemed harmless. Her dark green eyes continued to peer over to me, which I could notice without looking directly at her. I opened up the notebook to the first page. 

Lucas's Notebook

Read at your own risk! 

I laughed to myself. I couldn't help but look over at her. She had a flower necklace that hung from her skinny neck. Her long mahogany red hair contoured to the shape of her simple face and hung down to her elbows with a few slight waves. She looked away from me, messing with the collar of her jacket, and pulling at her shirt trying to cool herself down. Was it me or the lack of air conditioning that made her this way? 

I turned the page: Science Notes: August 30th, 2009.

Boring! I flipped through the next few days of science notes until I finally found something more interesting than human anatomy. 

I think I may ask Reese out tonight. What do you think?

It took me a minute before I noticed that it was written between him and Nathan. 

Good luck man, she doesn't go out with just anyone. 

I think I have a pretty good chance. She gave me a note.

Really dude?


Note, eh? I turned the pages looking for this note, hoping that it would have been left in here, hidden in between a few pages. Soon I found it: Lucas♥ scribbled in girly print on the front of the folded lined paper. 

Hey Lucas, this is from Reese. You know, the girl who sits next to you in Wood Shop? I'm sure you probably remember me. Anyways, I've seemed to grow to fancy you. I know this is a pathetic way to probably explain this to you. Who am I writing you a note? Anyways, please write back and tell me what you think of me. And if you don't like me, at least try to be kind about it?

Haha, whoever this chick was, she was weak. 

I could still notice the girl beside me looking at me. "Hey," I finally greeted. "What are you in for?" The teacher was sleeping, and the other kid was listening to his music. 

"Punching a kid," She mumbled. 

"Awesome," I jeered. She laughed. "Lucas, what's your name?"

"Melanie," She soothed. "You should know that."

"I've forgotten a lot lately," I confessed. 

"Really?" She asked in disbelief. 

I nodded to her. 

"Hey, would you..." She stopped nervously. "Like to... go out..."

"Sure, what did you have in mind?" I asked her, without thinking. Yet she was pretty. And Lucas was single. All good. 

"Going to the movies," She answered. 

"I'll pick you up at 6."

"Wait what movie?"

"Does it matter?" I asked her. She blushed. 

The End

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