The Party

, Why do I feel like I'm speaking out to no one? I had no one to talk to, I had no one who knew me. Well they all knew me, but not me exactly.

My 'father' took the liberty of picking out a nice outfit for me since he thought my new born tastes were a little stingy. I didn't really know what that word meant. I slipped on a blue polo shirt over my awkwardly skinny head. All the buttons came undone while making the venture over my skull. I liked the look of it, but I thought I would get some turned heads for it. Or would I? I slipped on a pair of beige pants and a silly pair of white socks that went up halfway to my knee. It wasn't easy to tell from under my pants, but it still felt silly. I figured that they didn't wear shoes inside, so I didn't bother picking out a pair. 

I walked over to a mirror and starred into it blindly. I took a comb off the dresser and looked at his soft dirty blond hair, short and cleanly cut. I attempted to comb through it so it looked decent, and walked back out into the living room area place. A plopped down into the cushions of the couch and sunk down into the fabric. I put my socked feet on top of the glass coffee table and Juliet sat down next to me. 

"Hey pip-squeak," I joked. Her eyes squinted. My body stiffened and I turned to look at the small television screen, which sat dusty there in front of me. This house had tons of large windows which let the wintery light seep through with it's cold presence. The main rooms were cut off by half walls, and the others with normal walls that each had simple white doors that always stayed wide open. 

I remember seeing in his room tons of basketball trophies along with swimming medals. Neither of which I could do. Also he had a few pictures of him with the school's wrestling and football team. Also another with him, two guys, and two girls, who appeared to be good friends. Seemed like I had a lot to learn. 

"Look at this banner I bought son," my father called out to me. He unfolded a sparkly kiddy 'Welcome Home' banner. He placed it over the back of the hanging cabinets in the kitchen. 

"It's great dad," I lied. I hated it. I hated it all. 

"Dylan and Nathan should be here soon," He informed me. "Juliet go set up the bowls of chips and punch.

"Why can't Lucas do it?" She whined. 

"He just got home from the hospital Juliet," He grunted. "Just go and do it." She huffed and walked out of the room and into the kitchen. I stuck my tongue out at her, but luckily she didn't notice. 

I turned on the T.V. and watched a Wendy's commercial just before the door bell rang. 

"Lucas can you get that," my father called out from... well whatever room he was in. 

"Sure dad," I called back awkwardly. I opened it and two guys, about the same heights as me, where standing at the door. Both were pretty muscular and looking at myself I was sorta too. 

"Lucas!" They cried in unison, hugging me from both sides and squeezing my arms right into my kidneys. I groaned. 

"Hey...uh guys," I managed to gasp.

"Dude we thought you were dead," one said with wide eyes. They both had the regular football guy tone of voice. I bit my lip secretively.

"But dude your like...ALIVE!" The other laughed.

They didn't seem very smart...

"Yeah," I laughed fake-ly. "I am."  

"Well it's great to see you again man," said the one with the bowl-cut black hair, with tanner skin than mine.

"Yeap....uh great to see you...." I didn't know his name and it was bugging me. Was he Dylan or Nathan? Can someone give me a clue? 

"Lucas seems to be acting weird Nathan," The other guy, who was now obviously Dylan, mumbled. I think I could learn to like Dylan. Nathan nodded to him. 

"Hey i have some bad news for you buddy," Nathan muttered moving me to the couch. "Well, Reese left you."

"Who's Reese?" I asked, helplessly confused.

"Your girlfriend, you dumb ass,"  Dylan shouted. I raised my eyebrow. I wonder if she was anything like Aaliya. 

"Oh yeah," I said stupidly. Epic Fail. "Why did she leave me?"

"She said she couldn't wait for you anymore," Nathan explained. "She said you weren' weren't worth it." 

"Ouch," I groaned. 

"Well at least your single now," Dylan said trying to bring up my not really crushed spirits. 

"Cool," I muttered under my breath. 

"Don't worry about it dude, there's other chicks out there for you to bang," Dylan teased.

"Bang?" I repeated. 

"He's just joking dude," Nathan warned.

"I knew that," I blushed, hiding my fake face.

The party continued like this. I wasn't the life of the party, since I really didn't know how to be. I was introduced to family members I was expected to know since I did know them once upon another brain. My 'mom' came home an hour before this reckless party was over, and finally I could breath once it ended. I used to be upset when parties were forced to  a close, but this one I couldn't wait. I was so desperate and anxious for it to end I could taste it.

I was forced to change clothes again. I was supposed to be dressed in pajamas but never once had I actually warn them. Well not since third grade. I didn't have to take a shower until the morning, which was something I didn't mind waiting for.

The bed was stiff and I felt like I was sleeping in a hotel. The bed wasn't mine, the pillow smelled weird, and the covers weren't as soft and homey as they should've been. Sleep was difficult for me, and as I imagined it was going to be for a while now...

This is the beginning of my story  

The End

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