Going Home, I Think...

The new house was a haunting place. I felt uneasy moving about and going into his room. I felt like a creeper going through his stuff. I didn't even want to think about the terrors of taking a shower in a body that isn't mine. I shuttered at the thought. I couldn't find a comforting place to sit, to lay, to day dream. 

Was I cursed to this place forever? I wasn't quite sure but I soon got enough courage to open up the fridge to get something to fill this guys empty stomach. 

His little sister walked into the room, a phone in her hand. "Who are you?" I asked. 

"Your sister," She said roughly. 

"I know your 'my' sister, but what's your name?"

"Juliet," She answered. "Why are you acting so weird?" 

"'Cause I have no idea where I am!" 

"Okay I'm tired of this game that your playing," She snipped. "Now Dylan and Nathan called. They're coming over in a little bit. Try and not act this dumb when they're here." 

I wanted so bad to ask her to explain to me who Dylan and Nathan were, but it was too useless. I was going to have to put up an act for the rest of the day. 

'My' parents made me a lunch before my mother went to work. She kissed my forehead and then Juliet's. 

"You two stay out of trouble," She greeted. "I missed you Lucas. I'm glad your home. I love you son!" 

I was just stabbed in the chest. She wasn't the one I wanted to say that to me. She wasn't my mother. This was going to be harder than I thought...

The End

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