My Last Day

17 Years Later...

She was an interesting character. She always sat on my couch and read the obituaries from the news paper to me. I tried my hardest to listen to her, but it only brought me back to those days. Not a happy thought. Yet I felt a tie to her as she was the sweetest girl to ever walk into my life. She's the only one to ever sweep me off my feet. That's why I kept her and always returned to her side. 

They all call her Aaliya, I don't really know the origin of her name, but it tickles my tongue to say it.

"Hmm," She grunted looking through the papers.

"What is it?" I asked gracefully.

"The story of this boy," She muttered sourly. "It says here that he was stuck in the hospital for three months in a partial coma. It's reported that he died just last night from shock  and a slight explosion in his heart." I tried to put on an act that I was feeling sorrowful of the boy. "They haven't even bothered to tell the family. They don't even know he's dead!"

"Well wouldn't they figure it out since its in the paper," I pointed out.

"You think your so smart don't you?" She growled. "They don't live around here. It was only reported in our paper for research money. People are so god damn greedy."

I nodded, although I felt she was getting a little out of hand with the whole situation. I kissed her softly on the forehead, and she smiled up at me.

"Can we leave now?" I asked impatiently. She giggled and set her hand down awkwardly on my leg. She nodded and answered: 'well of course.' 

I promised I would take her out on a fun night out in the city. New York City wasn't that great of a place if you stayed inside all of the time. She took my hand and we walked out the door and onto the busy and musty streets. Her excitement was contagious, but I didn't mind.

I loved her. That was all that mattered.

I called up a taxi cab, which swerved over to the side of the road, washing up a wave of water. It soaked Aaliya's shoes, and she looked down at them disheartened.

"Don't worry dear," I cooed. "I'll buy you some new shoes before we get to the restaurant." A smile stretched across her face and she gave me a soft hug as we piled in the taxi. "To the nearest shoe store please." 

She grabbed the side of my face and planted a soft kiss on my lips. She backed away blushing. I laughed slightly. She grabbed my hand as I pulled the seatbelt over my lap. "You make me so happy," She whispered in my ear. I rubbed my head against hers, and she kissed my cheek. Someone was obviously quite flirty tonight. I stretched my arm out behind her, and grabbed her shoulder. She rested her head on my chest and we stayed like that for the rest of the ride.

She fixed her scarf as we jumped out of the taxi, into the night air. She ran inside the store and was absorbed by their selection. She danced around choosing a new pair of shoes to wear. She picked a pair and ran back over to me and shoved them in my face.

"Those are nice," I mumbled, not really knowing what nice chick shoes looked like. These had a small heel to them and were a shiny black. By the look in her eyes she obviously adored them. I wasn't going to break her heart, so I took them up to the counter and purchased them. Seventy bucks spent on a new pair of shoes to replace only slightly wet ones.

The things I do for love.

She slipped them on outside of the store. She put her old ones into the box and carried the box under her arm. I grabbed her cool hand and we moved out towards the road.

The taxi was gone. Her ecstatic expression fell down into a sorrowful moan.

"Its okay we'll walk there," I suggested. She grunted and wrinkled her nose at that. I sighed. "Besides I don't have any money left."

"Your kidding!"

"Well all I have is what I set aside for dinner. Other than that I'm dead broke. Let's just go, its getting late."

I knew I shortcut that involved moving throughout a few alleyways. I'm sure Aaliya wouldn't really mind.

My hand was sweaty within her grip. She seemed tense. It was dark in the alley, cold and frigid as well. Her shoes clicked against the ground.

But then there was another type of footstep sound. No not one, but two. I felt the tiny hairs on the back of my neck stand up on end. My hand tightened and Aaliya looked up at me, confused.

I looked back and two men weren't too far behind us. their faces were shaggy with scruff and they had their hands stuffed down into their pockets.

"My girl could use a new pair of shoes like those," One muttered looking down at Aaliya's feet. "Hand them over."

"No," She hissed.

"Say that again," The other shouted pulling out a gun and pointing it at her.

"I said no," She growled.

"Now come on miss," One teased. "Just hand them over. Be a lady." She shook her head violently.

"Never," She yelled. "Never you hear me."

"Wrong answer."

The man pulled the trigger. I did the one thing that my body could do.

Bang. Human contact. 

I fell to the ground and she screamed. She pulled off her shoes and threw them at the men. They ran off. She fell to her feet and grabbed my weak head. Tears pricked her eyes and her breath started to stutter.

"Ian!" She screamed like a crazy woman. "Ian! Ian! Wake up Ian!" Tears stained her perfect face. "No Ian don't die. Don't die."

For a girl who read the obituaries, she didn't handle death well. Yet neither did I.

Everything started to go dark. "I love you Aaliya. Don't ever forget it. I died for you."

"No Ian you can't go!" She moaned. "Never. Not ever. Ian don't leave me like this. Don't go."

My eyes shuttered closed.


The End

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