His Silent Soul

A boy is reincarnated into another boy whose soul was lost while in a coma. He searches to learn why he's where he's at and how he got there, while trying to reunite with the one he loved.

 Nice to finally be able to meet you formally. They call me Ian Soul, since that is what my lovely birth mother decided for me on my first day of life. Sitting in her hospital bed, her eyes blood shot, her throat sore, her life slipping away from the seems all too quickly. I was oblivious from the start, I didn't know. 

She was married to a man named Fletcher Soul, a journalist from downtown Chicago who moved into this small town, his fate guiding him to her doorstep with flowers in hand. Her name was Dana Smith at the time.

From then on she was pregnant with me, my last name would be Soul, and my first name was in question since my gender wasn't yet known. Once I took my first breath her life was complete. I starred at her with my glistening hazel eyes fixed on memorizing her face before it was too late. My father sobbed in  the chair by the freezing window. Before I knew it, she was gone. But just before she slipped away the nurse leaned over her, pen in hand and asked her softly what she wished to name her newborn son.

She smiled and muttered, "Ian, his name will be Ian. Ian Oliver Soul."

"That's a beautiful name," The nurse complimented.

My mother nodded, and with her last breath she mumbled her last words: "Tell him I love him."

And from then on my life continued.  

The End

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