Duty Calls

When the good king dies, his cocky, free-spirited son is next-in-line for the throne. However, his father's long-time friend and counselor is hungry for the kingdom and, in order to prevent the prince from getting it, places a powerful spell on him that turns him into a peasant. In three days, the prince must get the woman he's in love with to love him for who he is and not WHAT he is.

<p><p><p><p><p><p><br><p><p><p><p>"As Prince, there are several duties to which you must attend," Sir Alfred recited.  "The avoidance of such duties will eventually lead to the downfall of your kingdom, which we can not afford to let happen."  Pleased with himself, Alfred looked to Chef Bart for approval.<p><p>Why, you may ask, is good Sir Alfred

The End

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