The next day around 3pm, Sabrina tipped into her house, she noticed that her car wasn't infront of her door, so she took advantage of the time. She ran into her room, and pulled out her suitcases, and started throwing anything and everything into it. She found that paper, "His Reason", and decided to give it a shot and talk to God for a couple of seconds; just a quick prayer. She knew she wanted to get out of there, she didnt tell anyone that she was moving into the hotel. She ran into her living room and grabbed something precious to her, to find empty alcohol bottles and two sleeping women laying in her living floor. Her eyes got wide, as she quickly filled up with anger. She ran back into her room, and rolled her suitcases out.

"Hello! Sabrina!" said Jeremy

She jumped when she notice him coming out of the kitchen.

Jeremy continued, "So where have you been? Haven't pick up any of my phone calls. Haven't talked to me in three days!"

He walked up to her, and choked her against the wall.

Jeremy continued, "You think I was going to let you get your stuff and just leave me." as he swung her onto the floor.

Sabrina fell onto her table. "What do you want with me, Jeremy? I always been good to you, I gave you a place to stay, food on the table, sex whenever you wanted it. I was a good woman!"

"Was?! Sabrina, your not leaving me."

"Jeremy, leave me alone." she yelled as tears slid down her face.

He forcefully kissed her as he shook her. He ripped her shirt exposing her breast.

"Please, dont do this!! Dont rape me!! Please Jeremy!"

"I'm not raping you, you want this!"

All of a sudden, she had a flashback to that paper she was reading. And her phone started to ring, when Jeremy looked up, she kicked him straight in the crouch. He rolled over and she jumped up and ran over to her phone to see it was John. She forgot she left him outside of her house. She flipped her phone on and screamed help, and then Jeremy suddenly kicked her in the stomach and she fell onto the floor. He hung up the phone, and took the phone cord and started to strangle her until she was  unconscious when John kicked him in his stomach. John began to fight Jeremy with all his might. Denise ran up the steps to find her sister struggling to breathe, she ran by her side. Sabrina closed her eyes...

Sabrina woke up and looked around, The room was all white, and simply elegant. She sat up and realized she was in this gorgeous, ravish fluffy bed. She inhale and exhaled cool air, as the tempature was just right. She got up and started to cry.

"Where am I?" she whispered.

"Good morning, Sabrina."

Sabrina quickly turned around to find her sister Denise and her boyfriend John.

"This isnt heaven?" Sabrina said.

"No, this is my bedroom. But thanks for the compliment" said Denise.

Sabrina laughed, "Wait, what happened to Jeremy? My house? Was that all a dream?"

"No, it all happened. But Jeremy will never hurt you again. I promise, That all happened last night, you fell asleep right after the trip to the hospital. I'm glad your fine. I'm thank God."

"I thank God too."


"God and I had a talk, and I think I understand. He just wants a relationship with his children. I'm human, and he understands that."

Denise and John ran over to Sabrina and hugged her tightly.

The End

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