Tiffany's Wedding

Before she left her house, she made sure she covered each bruise with enough makeup. Sabrina was in shock that things like this was happening to her, in her group, she was the strong, beautiful, confident and successful woman. She made it out of the hood with her four other siblings and did very well for herself, but she turned down some wrong paths, that she hasnt recovered from.

She knew her phone would rang any minute. She put some ruby red lipstick on to match her eye shadow perfectly. She made sure her cleavage was shown, and her stilettos were noticable. She grabbed her purse, and walked towards the living room. She glanced at a picture of her & Jeremy, and she had sudden flashbacks to his fist slamming into her skin. She blinked moments later to find her sisters calling.

She opened the door, "Denise! Laura Ann!"

The twins gave her a big hug!

"You look fabulous!" said Denise.

"Just gorgeous!" said Laura Ann.

"Where's Jeremy?" said Denise.

"He's not coming... Why? Do I need a date?"

"Yes, Bri-Bri, but thats okay, we got you" said Laura Ann.

Sabrina wanted to cry out to her sisters, but her pride wouldnt let her.

"Ya'll look great!' said Sabrina.

Denise and Laura Ann wear matching dresses, one in black, and the other in red.

"Come on, we are going to be late! I can't believe that our oldest sister is getting married." said Laura Ann.

After the Midnight Wedding, and her eldest sister Tiffany & her new husband left the area, Sabrina realized that Jeremy called her over five times. She got nervous as she called the number back, and soon as she heard his voice, she hung up.

"What's wrong Brina?" said John, (Denise's boyfriend)

"Um, nothing John. Are you okay?" she nervously said.

He looked at her funny. "Do you have a ride home tonight?"

She didn't know what to say. She didn't want to face Jeremy but she didn't want her perfect family to know her conflicts and personal issues especially how happy they are.

The End

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