Her Finger

She tried to pull herself together, staring at that piece of paper entitled "His Reason"

She walked away, wondering why she picked up something like that. See, even though her family were a Christian based family that didnt stop her from doing what she wanted to do (which was pretty much the opposite). She knew her sisters deeply believed in God, but she just couldn't wrap her finger around the whole religion thing.

She walked back into the bedroom while her boyfriend laid.

"Jeremy! Get your ass up!" she said.

"Sabrina..." he groan. He rolled over. "Its not even noon yet."

"Jeremy, didn't you say you were going to do something."

"Yes, and I will."

"When? I going to work, I'm taking my car. Do you have bus fare?"

"No, I'm using your car."

"No, your not. I have work at 2pm. You told me, you were going to look for a job at 9am this morning."

He sat up and gave her a stare that sent shivers down her spine.

"Dont make me get up! I said I'm using the car, I know you have bus fare."

"Jeremy! That's not fair."

"Shut up woman." he said as his tone rung in her ears. She gave him a nasty glare, slammed the door and walked towards the kitchen.

"Sabrina! You want to slam doors in my house, I don't play that." He jumped up with just his t-shirt and boxers on and headed towards the kitchen.

The End

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