The Lord of the Celestial Hall

Blood red robes lined with gold covered the willowy body of the Lord. His face was pale to the extent of a light blue hue to his skin. His masculinity was masked by his long flowing hair and feline eyes that were storm grey…just like Bronn’s.

The room dimmed as the Lord stood up, and Bronn cringed at the look of him. The man stared intently at the ogre, emotionless and transparent. Bronn couldn’t decipher him at all. He wasn’t good at such things, anyway. But Blight was. Yet, the raven was nowhere to be found. It was like he had disappeared.

Where’s Blight when I need him?

The Celestial Hall, as the large room was called was lit by fires that glowed dull white instead of warm orange. The room was bright enough, yet it felt dark for Bronn. The walls were lined with attendants clothed in yellow garbs fixed to their positions like statues. Hesper walked glided down the stairs slowly, almost in a ghostly manner. Bronn's legs toppled against his will and he felt himself kneel.

He’s making me do it, on purpose.

Lord Hesper laid a hand on Bronn’s trembling shoulders, and smiled. ‘Rise, brave one.’, he said.
Bronn’s body was back in control, and he jumped to his feet immediately. ‘Uh…Lord…Lord Hesper, you requested for my presence?’ He asked, making an attempt to correct his previous rudeness. Lord Hesper was definitely not one to be trifled with.

The self-appointed aristocrat raised his right hand, and immediately two yellow clothed attendants brought a large chair and placed it in from of the two. The chair’s fabric was the exact same colour of the lord’s robes and it confounded Bronn quite a bit. ‘Sit.’ Lord Hesper hissed, and Bronn’s legs gave in again.

Again…what’s he doing to my body? I have to be careful. Blight…

‘I have summoned you here for a very delicate matter that requires the assistance of a…formidable being such as yourself.’ said Lord Hesper, eyeing the ogre. He was seated on his high chair again. Bronn wanted to speak up, but his mouth wouldn't open.
‘Up until now, I’ve always asked for my wishes and whims to be fulfilled by people other than you, people whom I trust and more importantly, are more human. Yes, I’ve required of your assistance in the past for some particularly delicate jobs, as I hear you’re quite a beast in battle. But obviously, not directly. You see Bronn, I do not wish to send the wrong message to the people of my keep by associating myself with lesser beings as you. The people I have, ah…raised…They will get the wrong idea. No one wants an idol of goodness of me to associate with trolls and ogres. Unfortunately, I’ve no other choice but to ask for your sword in this matter as this job is particularly inhuman.’ He added, with a grimace. 

How can he be so vile and gentle at the same time? The nerve he’s got, trying to mock my race. He reeks of necromancy and dark magic. But I’m helpless here… 

Lord Hesper waited for a response, and Bronn thought, quite deeply.
Finally, he growled, ‘What’s in it for me?’ 

The End

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