The First Step in a Long Journey

The next morning, Bronn rose early and began to gather some of his equipment. As he strapped his axe to his belt and slung his bow across his back  -even though he strongly disliked using the thing, he preferred to get closer to his targets - he continued to think about the messenger. About his discussion with blight. About Blackscales, and what he might have to say. 

I don't need to hear it... Bronn thought, trying to silence the unsettling thoughts in his mind. 

He walked as quietly as he could down the narrow stairway, only to still find Blight awaiting him when he finally landed at the bottom with a muted thump. 

"Setting out early, are we?" Blight croaked, watching Bronn from his perch by the door to the shack. 

"Yes," Bronn replied. "It'll be at least a good few hours' walk to Hesper's home to speak to him. Might as well get started early, I guess."

Blight nodded quickly, and flew out the door behind Bronn as the two departed. 

The journey took the two through the forest at the heart of which lay Bronn's shack, and then through some marshes before they finally emerged in a field which appeared to have been tilled for planting recently. Most of the trip was quiet, as the two simply continued ever onward to their goal, stopping only once to eat some bread that Bronn had thought to pack in a small leather bag. 

As Bronn and Blight crossed the field, Bronn put on his black helmet, thus completing his set of armor. A woman walking by at the edge of the field, upon seeing them, screamed and fled.

Bronn grinned at the woman's terror. It pleased him to think that people found him intimidating, that they feared him as they feared death itself. 

"Have you given anymore thought to answering Blackscales' call?" Blight broke the silence between the two companions for the first time in almost an hour. "He may be able to help-"

"Yes," Bronn replied. "I did think about it. But... I still want to complete this mission before I go to him. Like I said yesterday, that's my final decision."

Blight did not reply. They were nearing the castle where Lord Hesper resided, and a sentry confronted the approaching travelers.

"Halt! Before you can see the lord, you must surrender your..."

Bronn refused to be disarmed. He did not trust this human nobleman. He shoved the lightly-armored man aside, walking up the stone steps and throwing open the doors to the castle. "Hesper," he called, just loud enough to be heard from the other end of the large, but simply-decorated, chamber. Sitting on a throne near the end, a man dressed in fine clothes raised his head and stood to address his guests.

The End

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