The Contract

A beastly soldier of fortune is hired to kidnap a fair maiden, and the forces of destiny converge on the pair as they learn to coexist during their journey.

Bronn threw his ax on the ground, pulling his helmet off of his head and resting on the familiar rock outside his small shack. The large stone was flat on the top, curving inward underneath, and stuck out from the side of a nearby hill in a manner that was just right to lie down on after a long day. 

He leaned back against the hill, relaxing, until he heard a familiar call. It was the cry of a raven, cawing loudly to get his attention.

It was the sound of Blight, crying out to Bronn with an almost mocking tone to his call. A challenge!

Bronn stood and rushed inside his small cabin, grabbing a longbow from its place just inside the door, and took off at a run through the wilderness. He leaped from tree-trunk to tree-trunk with the excitement in his stride, the forest whizzing by his head. Then, he saw it out of the corner of his eye: movement. Off to the right, there was a blur of light brown, flashing by him as he disturbed the creature. Bronn turned and spotted the deer, frantically attempting to escape his sight, and drew back an arrow on his bow. When he released the arrow, he watched as the perfectly hand-crafted shaft made its way toward the target, heading dead-center for the heart or, at least, the lungs.

Then, he frowned as the arrow hit against a tree behind where the animal had been standing and snapped in two. The deer was now lying on the ground, twitching, with the beak of a raven pecking playfully at its antlers. The midnight-black bird looked up at Bronn as if to say, "Did you really think you could beat me?"

Bronn sighed. "No," he admitted, "I suppose I didn't. But it's fun to try, anyway. I’m a bad shot." With that, he set his bow on the ground and approached the kill. "Let's eat."

He pulled the carving knife from his belt and set to work on the carcass. 

A short while later, Bronn was back to lying on his stone resting spot against the hill, with Blight resting on a massive tree root not far away. Bronn rubbed his belly from the delicious meat he'd eaten, and Blight seemed pleased with the rabbit he had caught for himself.

Then, the raven spoke. "Apparently, I’ve got another contract for you."

The End

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