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He sat watching the street from his bedroom window. He pushed his hand through his black hair, which stuck in position as he had failed to wash when he got up this morning. He didn’t care. Matthew never really gave a second thought to what anyone else thought of him. Quarter past three. The others would finish school for the day in five more minutes. Turning form his window he wandered about his room in search for his shoes. He found them under a small heap of clothes near his door. Wandering back over to his bed sat down and began to put his shoes on. I wonder if Connor is coming out tonight, he thought as he stamped into his shoes. The doorbell rung as he put on his jacket. He heard his mum answer the door as he closed his. “Matthew. Matthew?” His mum called upstairs

“What?” She always called his name and then refused to tell him what she wanted until he was stood in front of her.

“Your friends are at the door.” She declared as he walked into the kitchen.

“Seeya tonight mum.” Her response was a wave, she never approved of him staying out all night

“Get a job!” She shouted after him as he closed the living room door.

“You know Matt you should get a job.” A voice called from the front door

“Shut it you! Don’t back her up on that.” Amy was the one who assisted his mother’s attacks on his unemployment. Amy stood in the doorway her brown hair cut short and her striking blue eyes gave her a certain degree of ferocity. Behind her stood a much quieter and timid Rue, he was as tall as Matt’s shoulder but the same height as Amy. He had deep brown eyes and rusty ginger hair.

“Come on Matt.” He called, which sounded more like a whisper. “Connor and Hailey are going home first to get changed and then we are going to Simon’s place.” Rue smiled as Matt came outside and closed the door behind him. Amy grabbed Rue by the arm and began to walk him down the street.

“Adam is coming out tonight as well. He’s bringing his new girlfriend. I think she’s called Emma.”

“Who?” Matt and Rue asked

“His new girlfriend, he’s trying to make Hay jealous.” Matt laughed, which earned him a quick evil glance from Amy. “Don’t be so horrible. Not Adam’s fault he’s a whore.”


They reached Connor and Hailey’s house in a matter of minutes. Connor and Hailey were twins. The twin’s parents were both Doctors and earned an absolute fortune, hence they owned the biggest house in the area. As Amy, Rue and Matt came up to the front door Hailey came up behind them. “Fancy meeting you lot here!” she jabbed her fingers into Rue’s ribs. Scaring him close to death.

“Fuck off Hay! You shit me up then.”

“I know.” She smiled and led them inside. As they walked into the long and expensive hallway she ushered them into one of the three living rooms. “You lot stay here and I’ll go see if Connor is even close to ready yet.” She slipped out of a side door, Amy was goggle eyed and looking at the decorative ceiling.

“It’s just a house Amy.” Rue declared. From upstairs they heard several doors open and close, Hay shouting at her brother and another voice quietened the quarrelling twins. After a few more minutes Hay appeared from another door.

“Do you guys want anything to drink?” they all shook their heads. She left again through the same door. This time the main door’s into the living room opened and a man in a suit walked in.

“Oh.” He said. “I presume you are my children’s friends?” he asked. Matt answered for the others

“We are indeed.” Matt nodded. The Twin’s Dad smiled

“Nice to meet you all.” He nodded politely. “I’m sure they won’t be long now.” He smiled again and left the room, slightly red faced.

“He seemed nice.” Amy broke the quiet.

“Trust me he isn’t when it concerns me.” A new voice spoke from behind them. Connor stood in third doorway. He was a bit taller than Rue with grey eyes and short but styled brown hair, his earphones swaying from his neck. He smiled at them all and then sat down next to Rue. “We all ready? Or is Hay pissing about again?”

“I’m here, I’m here. Come on, don’t sit down. Get up. Get up! We are going to be late!” Hay ushered them out the living room and into the hall and then out into the drive. As they made their way to Simon’s, Rue and Connor began talking about something that had happened in science today, ahead of Matt and the girls.

“So?” asked Hay as Amy came up next to Matt’s left and Hay on his right, blocking his escape. “What are you going to do?” Amy asked.

“Bout what?” he tried to look inconspicuous, but failed.

“Him!” she pointed at Connor. Hay raised her eyebrow, expecting an answer. Matt had, had feelings for Connor since he was in year 10. He always used to talk to Hay about him and what he got up to. Then Amy got in on the act and started to ask Connor things. Like ‘who do you fancy’ or ‘is it her?’ when he told them he fancied someone. Matt didn’t think he had a chance with Connor. Not one little bit. Yet that was just Matt’s pessimism. Last week Matt and Connor had been left on their own for almost six hours before they were interrupted by Hay who quickly tried to remedy her action but failed as her Mother shouted up at them. Matt had told Connor that he had feelings for someone in their group but didn’t know how that person would handle it. “Well I suppose if you have feelings for one of us then it’s up to you what you do.” He had told him. Hay told him the day after that Connor had locked himself in his room and didn’t come out all night and was still in his room. “He’s only ever done that once before and that was when Charlie broke up with him. I mean they hadn’t been going out for long but it really hurt him.” Matt looked up at Rue and Connor. Connor was smiling away as Rue enacted something that the teacher had done. They both burst into laughter. Connor turned round to meet Matt in the eyes and stopped laughing to smile at him, Matt quickly looked away blushing madly. Amy and Hay immediately distracted the others by a cat on the other side of the street as Matt turned back to his normal self.

“I swear.” He said to them both. “I’ll kill that Charlie” Amy nodded with approval

“Not unless I find him first. No-one is allowed to that to my twin and get away with it.” Hay and Amy were now set on ‘search and destroy’ mode as they rounded another corner.


“I hate Fridays. They are stupid and cost me loads of money every week.” Rue stood on Simon’s doorstep pressing the doorbell again and again.

“Oh shut up Rue.” Amy gave him one of her looks and he fell quiet. Connor walked down the path to stand next to Matt. Amy and Hay moved up to Rue who was still pressing the doorbell.

“So how’s you today? Not really spoken for a while.” He tired to smile whilst avoiding eye contact.

“I’m alright.” Connor smiled. “We can catch up tonight. I’ve not really done much all week. Just been asleep.” Matt nudged Connor on the shoulder. Connor lifted his eyes to look at Matt. His close cut, dark stubble perfectly framed his beautiful eyes and scruffy hair. He looked away quickly.

“OI! SIMON” Rue called from the door. “OPEN THE FUCKING DOOR!” Connor took Matt’s arm.

“Come on. We’ll go in the back. Simon is prob’s there anyway.”

“Were you two going?” Hay called after them


As they got to the end of the row of houses they turned into the alley the divided the two rows of terraces. It was quiet back here, they could hear the music from Simon’s back garden. Connor pulled Matt to a stop.

“I’ve been thinking about what you said to me last week. You know when you came round to my house.” Matt nodded and was getting nervous by the second. “Well.” He continued. “I have feelings from someone as well but I don’t know how to tell them. After Charlie broke up with me I thought that that was it and that because he hurt me I wouldn’t be able to get over him.” He stopped to look at Matt. They watched each other for what seemed forever. “Sorry I can’t do this. I’m really bad at this sort of thing.” Connor stepped backwards. Matt moved forward and took hold of his arms and pulled him closer.

“You don’t have to be afraid Connor. I’m not going to let anyone hurt you ever again.” Connor smiled shyly and tried to look away as he began to blush fiercely. He pulled him into a warm embrace. Connor didn’t object instead wrapped his arms round Matt’s sides as Matt clutched onto Connor never wanting to let go.


“WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU HERE!?” Amy and Hay were furious. The noise in the whole room died. Simon stood in front of them his arms folded across his chest and had pulled himself to his full height. Behind Simon was a tall, well built lad with long, dirty blonde, slightly curly hair. Simon stood between the lad and his hate club. “Simon what the fuck do you think you are doing inviting that prik over when you know what happened between that thing and my brother!” Hay clutched her fists ready to hit Simon if he didn’t answer her quick enough.

“Look. Girls, I asked Charlie over because he is my mate and I thought that you would have all gotten over what happened.” Amy slapped him

“HOW DARE YOU SIMON!” she yelled. Charlie moved up behind Simon.

“Look if it’s too much trouble I’ll just go.” Hay snarled as he spoke. Rue was stood next to the door waiting for his chance to join in. “Hay I’m sorry bout what happened…”

“NO YOUR NOT! DON’T LIE TO ME YOU TWISTED LITTLE SHIT!” She went for him. Fist’s clenched ready to lay into him. Simon caught her and pushed her away. Charlie looked around the room for support. He just met hostile glares. He looked at the floor.

“I’m going Simon. Thanks for asking me over anyways.” He walked past Hay and Amy when he got to the door Rue stepped in front of him. Before he could say anything Rue punched him in the stomach. Knowing better than to hit him back Charlie pushed past him and closed the door behind him.

“You’re just lucky that Matt wasn’t here or you...” She pointed at Simon “… along with that would be dead.” Rue closed the door and went back into the kitchen. The conversation slowly returned to the room. Simon’s house was full of people all from his school. Hay and Amy went back to sit down, were they had been before Charlie came in from the kitchen, and carried on talking to Carla about her latest experiments with her boyfriend. Rue dragged Simon into the kitchen with him.

“Why did you ask Charlie to come? Don’t give me the bullshit excuse you gave them two.” Rue was ready to hit Simon as well. Simon looked around. Simon was a head taller than Rue, but Rue was a lot stronger than any in the room.

“He asked me. I couldn’t say no. He’s lost almost al of his mates thanks to Hay and Amy.”

“Connor was in his room destroying himself for over a month. He blames himself for them two breaking up. You are not Connor’s best mate so you didn’t see how it changed him. It changed him for he worst.”

“They only went out for a month.” Simon retorted.

“And?! What the fuck has that got to do with it. Connor thought that Charlie was the one. He thought he would be with him forever. He talked to me bout it all I knew everything and I know more than the girls.” Rue turned around to make sure Matt or Connor hadn’t come in yet. “You better pray that Connor doesn’t get upset, ‘cause if he does, God help you.”

The End

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