Trey and Co.

Five boys, four of them seventeen and one fifteen, ran through a corridor on the west side of Virden Palace laughing and confident that they would be undiscovered.

They stopped in front of a large pair of doors, which was the entrance to the quarters of the wife of Lord General Thane. The Lady Thane, the kingdom's chief historian, was a psychotic neat freak and very particular about her things.

"Are you sure this will work?"

"Come now, Trey, this is a practical joke. It was meant to succeed, and we are mere vessels. After all, this is my mother's quarters. They would not suspect me. I am only here when she is not!" The reassuring voice of Derek Thane told him cooly.

"The servants are here for more then one reason." Trey muttered darkly. As the prince of Dehlyn, he usually made it his buisness to know what gossip went around, especially when it was about him.

"Not exactly how I would put it, little Thane." Merric Korman chimed in. "I would say that it is a mere joke, a stress reliever if you will. Fun." he slung and arm over Trey's shoulder. "And you never have fun anymore."

"I'm not sure about this, Korman." Trey glanced at Derek, then at the doors.

"He's right."  a slight grating pair of voices chimed in as if on cue. "You never have fun anymore." they added in almost perfect unison.

Trey pushed Korman's arm off of his shoulder and pressed his fingers against his temple for a moment. "Brendan, Darien, you really must understand how annoying that is."

The twins, Darien and Brendan Cameron, merely laughed at this statement. "You couldn't live without us, Trey." Brendan joked. "Besides, you know the Lady Thane. We'll be able to hear her screams from all four walls! Imagine it!"

Even Trey chuckled at the sight of Lady Thane's face as she saw her ransacked room.


"I suppose. But it does feel rather childish. . ."

"Come, Trey, you know you want to feel it!" Derek exclaimed, pointing towards the doors.

"Feel what?"

"The satisfaction of knowing that you have succeeded in your quest without being caught!" Darien exclaimed.

"You know too much of it." Brendan countered.

"This was your idea." Darien reminded his twin smugly.

"Open the doors before we all die of annoyance!" Trey pushed his two friends, none too gently, towards the doors and stepped back.

With an effort, the doors were opened. The boys raced in and began their work.

The End

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