Chapter Three - Part FourMature

 “You what?” I snapped, and rose from my spot at the desk. My feet moving to cross the small distance between Noah and I. My hands holding him still long enough for me to shrug him out of his jacket.

“If you wanted me to strip, you only had to ask.” He smirks but, its then I notice the lack of passion behind it, and realize something was wrong.

               I spot the wound almost instantly, my hand moving to cover my mouth. “We need to get you to the hospital,” I yell at him, his gaze impassive as he mumbles something like, it’ll heal. “Noah, seriously!” I say, “You’ve lost a lot of blood.”

               I am more than aware of the sudden silence that over takes the room, no one daring to say a word as all eyes are on Noah. His expression a questionable one, and for a split second I’m worried I might have made a big mistake. But then, didn’t Meg call him that too? His lips work to press together as if he were about to yell but, instead he just says, “I can’t go to the hospital.” The brief moment I know he isn’t mad a sigh of relief until his words settle, and that nervous feeling is back.

“Then call someone to come here.” I say not backing down from this, and it’s in that moment that I notice the ice blue of his eyes more pale than usual. My inner mind already pacing, as I start to really fear for his life. “Please,”

               “If it will set your mind to ease, I will.” He offers, and with a single glance he exchanges a look with Hector, another bounce at SMASH, who leaves to make the call. “There, it’s done.”

               I nod, and take a step back. The whole idea of something like this having happened, too much for me to accept just yet. “Um, I’m going to go check on everything on the floor.” I say, my words rushed.

“Okay,” he frowns having read my thoughts. “Meg is here so we should be fine. Take your time.”

               I walk down the hall, and push out through the back door. My eyes scanning the parking lot and quickly find those same men with guns. My inner mind is spinning. What the hell happened? She yelled. He was shot? When? Where? Why? An image of the gun going off, and Noah being hit forces me to sit. It’ll heal, he had said. It will heal –Was he insane? Its then I notice the tingling on my lips, and remember the kiss. The way his lips always seem to crush mine, and consume them. The power behind them intimidating, controlling –demanding! My inner mind adds. It was something I had never felt before, and shouldn’t feel again. An image of Meg staring wide-eyed at me from behind the bar, freezes me. Poor Meg, I think. I would hate to be in her shoes and have it play out the other way around. I can’t even imagine what she must think of me.

               My attention immediately shifts back to the men patrolling the street, their voices raising to alarm, as a small blue Porsche, pulls in, and parks. A short man with pointed features steps out, his light blue scrubs making it apparent to me that this is who Hector must have called. He begins the long trek over to where I was seated, his eyes hesitating a moment before he opened the door and went inside. Like him, I knew where his hesitation resonated from. It wasn’t the task he was being called to do but, for who it was for. You can’t save them all, my inner mind says. Her words blunt, as if she were reading the Doctors thoughts. You can’t, I repeat. But then again, Noah can’t die, he couldn’t let that happen. I didn’t want that to happen! He must know that if he did, it would only mean his death would follow. I don’t know much about the Mafia but, I doubt Mr. Sutton –Noah’s father, would be too happy. The fact of how hard he may have tried to save him would be irrelevant.

               The door opens, and Bekah pops her head out. Her eyes imploring me to come back inside. “I’m fine.” I protest before she can say anything. Uncrossing my legs, and stand. “It was just a lot of blood.”

“Why do you think he kissed you?” She asked once we were back inside. “I bet Meg is pissed.”

               I shrug indifferent, thinking that Meg would know he was wasted. The thought that he purposely intended to be, so that the pain of his arm wouldn’t hurt as much, made me think she would be lenient. “Honestly he was so drunk, it was probably just bad timing.” I said. My inner mind narrowing her eyes, shaking her finger. Oh, so was the VIP section bad timing too? She spit at me. Venom coursing through her words, and I knew she was right. It wasn’t bad timing. He had done it on purpose but, why?

               “Well, all I know is damn.” She laughed, and linked her arm through mine. “Maybe I should be the one to run up on him next time. That was intense!”

               I smile, and shook my head. The image of Noah and I entwined in a kiss heating my cheeks. “It was pretty intense, huh?” I let myself have this moment. It was Bekah after all.

“Well, it made me blush!” She drawled, her free hand wafting air to her face. “And did you see the shock on Wesley’s face! That was probably the first time he had ever seen his bother having fun. Mr. Perfect, not so perfect then –too drunk to realize that he just kissed you in front of the entire club!”

               “I’m sure that wasn’t the first time he has seen his brother acting completely uncharacteristic. I mean, he has to have some sort of life outside of work, right? He is dating Meg after all.”

“I don’t think so, he looked like he had seen a ghost.”

               I let a smile escape me before sucking in my lower lip, and bring it under control. Was Noah really so uptight, and formal? I ask myself. What is it about you that tests me so? I hear his words pulsing in my ear. The idea that I was able to bring out a side of him no one else could, quickly stirring a feeling deep within my sex I hadn’t expected. The silence from before, the one that had taken over the room when I dared to say his name, rang in my ear in a piercing force. The look on his face as I did, a mix of emotions that I had taken for a sign of contempt, only know I wonder if it had been something entirely different.

The slow burn nipping my cheeks grew then, radiating throughout my entire body. My inner mind changing the subject in an attempt to steady my growing desire. The focus on something that Bekah had said, but that didn’t register until just now. “You really think everyone saw it?” She flashes me a toothy grin as we turn a corner in the kitchen, and head back towards the office. The sight of Meg and Hector standing outside of the door, keep her from answering. 

The End

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