Chapter Three -Part ThreeMature

I closed my eyes, thoroughly confused at this point. “Well, maybe I shouldn’t call you anything.” I sigh, and open my eyes. “I mean, I don’t know what you’re wanting from me. I just want to go home.”

               He sighed and bent down to gather his things. “I don’t want anything, Raelyn. I just don’t like the thought of you and Eddie, that’s all.”

“You realize that, that makes no sense, right?” I wrinkle my brow up at him, and bite my lip.

               He had been walking to leave when I said that before something forced him to stop cold. His body mere inches from mine, and then he leaned in closer. I could feel the warmth of his breath caressing my cheek, his eyes sparkling under the moonlight. “You really should stop biting your lip like that.” His words were a whisper in my ear. “Or else I might think you’re wanting me to do something about it.” My heart was pounding a mile a minute, and it took everything I had not to reach up and close the distance between us. My skin was already prickling at the sheer nearness of him, my knees already feeling weak –and then he says that! Why the hell would he say that? “After you, Miss Morgan.” He eventually says. His hand motioning for me to walk, and the moment we were back in sight I see Bekah waiting for me. Her car was parked along the curb, and without thinking, I rush towards her and jump in. An instant sigh of relief at the sound of the car door coming shut as she shifts into drive, and we hurry home.


               The next few weeks came and went, and there had been no sign of him since the day he kissed me -and then promised to do more if I didn’t stop biting my lip. By now, I was on my own on the floor and I had actually managed to accumulate a steady group of regulars that even Meg, had to say she found impressive. My shift was halfway over, although technically we had just opened. When Wesley and that oh-so-controlling brother of his, Noah, storm in through the back. The two of them wasted, and causing a scene. “I’ll be right back.” I smile up at an older couple before turning to leave. My inner mind seeing the outrage on their faces. The lady nodded, and threw a hand to her lips, her date throwing up his nose in condemnation. “Wesley, what are you two doing here? And why are you two so drunk?” I shoot daggers at the two of them once I am in reach.

“Well, hello to you, too gorgeous.” Noah smiled, and reached out and took hold of me. His hands holding my face gently as he pressed his lips to mine. His one hand dropping to my neck, and I could feel every eye in the club watching my every move.

               Reaching up, I press my hand against his chest, and break his kiss. The look on his face indescribable before someone behind us whoops! And it’s gone –forgotten. My eyes cut a glance at Wesley, his expression almost as shell-shocked as I felt before grabbing ahold of one of his arms, and helping me move him to the office. We made it halfway before Eddie and a few other bouncers took over, and I took the chance to grab two huge glasses of water. A slight pang of guilt resonating in my stomach as I turn and see Meg staring wide-eyed at me. Shit! I said to myself. He was going to have a lot of explaining to do with her once he was sober. My inner mind making the motion of tsking him before I reach up, and wave for her to follow. If they were indeed dating, she should helping. “Here, drink this.” I said and thrust one of the glasses at Noah. “It will help you feel better.”

“There is only one thing that could make me feel better, gorgeous.” He smiled, his lips pulling at the corners of his mouth. “And it’s not water.”

               I roll my eyes, and set it down beside him anyways. Meg seated within my peripherals, sighed, and sucked in a rather large breath. “Yeah, well it’s the only thing you’re getting from me so you might want to drink up.” I say in an attempt to show her I wasn’t interested in getting in the middle of whatever it was they had.

“Damn!” Wesley busts out laughing. His face as I cross the room that of pure awestruck, and I hand him the other glass and he takes it. “What did I tell you, Noah? She is good for you!”

               “Okay cupid, you too.” I say, the two of them exchanging a look before they both fall over laughing. “Geez, what did you do? Drink the whole bar?”

“She said, and then you said.” Wesley carried on laughing, his breath ragged as he crawled along the carpet, and pulled himself up to lay on the couch. “And then the kiss?”

I listened to their drunken ramblings until my ears were ringing. Shut up! I scolded him in my head, and I watched as Meg stood and walked to the door. She didn’t leave but, stood there peering out. My inner mind making a mental note to make them pay me extra for having to babysit. “And you got shot!” Wesley shouted, absolutely losing it then.

The End

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