Chapter Three -Part TwoMature

“Come on you two,” Mr. Sutton said, his hand holding the door open as the others waited outside. I laughed and grabbed my purse. Eddie scooping me up soon after, carrying me the rest of the way out the door. “Mr. Solomon, put her down.” Noah sighed as if bored, his back facing us as he worked to lock the door. Whew! My inner mind reeled the second my feet touched the floor. It felt good to joke around, and I found I was oddly not tired anymore.

               I turned afoot, my eyes scanning the parking lot behind us as I searched for Bekah’s car. My inner mind doing a double take when I found the row just before the street, was littered with five similar styled SUV’s. Each one fully tinted with men trailing on one side and the other, all of them holding guns. Bekah linked her arm in my, and together we started walking towards her vehicle.  She hadn’t seemed to be phased even in the slightest bit at the sight of them. In fact she hadn’t seemed to notice them at all. As if men with guns was a common experience here. “Miss Morgan, a word please.” That demanding tone was in full force. The muscles in my stomach clench at the thought of being along with him. Bekah’s arm went rigid then, and I cut my eyes to find hers filled with growing concern for me. My inner mind hating that I had made her worry so much today. I disconnect my arm from hers, wave to the others, and mouth for her to get the car ready.

               Having stalled long enough as I watched her until she was safely inside the car. I suck in a breath and turn to face him. Making a point to keep my eyes looking down at the ground rather than on him, as I take my time walking over to where he was standing. A spot slightly hidden out sight of the parking lot. “Yes, Mr. Sutton?” I ask once I was close enough, and stop just shy of being out of sight. A good four feet between us so that if someone were to see us, it wouldn’t look suspicious. Although partly for me, too.

               “Look at me.” He hissed, his tone darkening as it had before. Just before he kissed me, I thought. “Raelyn, look at me.”

“Fine,” I say, my eyes finding his almost instantly. The night air between us growing tense, and I shiver not from being cold, but from the way he was eyeing my lips. “I’m sorry if mine and Eddie’s playing was inappropriate. It won’t happen at work, again.” I say thinking that, that was what he was obviously upset about. Even though what I really wanted to say to him, was that it wasn’t any worse than what I’m sure him and Meg were doing. But that was none of my business.

               “No, it won’t.” He sounded harsh, and he looked furious.

“Okay, is that all?” I hiss back at him. Suddenly feeling self-conscious under the weight of his judgmental glare.

               “No. What exactly is your relationship with Eddie?” His voice rose another couple of notches, annoyance clear across his face. “I don’t like the idea of you and him, and this date.” He frowned.

“Well, it’s a good thing then that I’m a big girl, and that I can take care of myself.” I shout at him. I mean, seriously? Who did he think he was? I don’t like the idea of you and him, and this date? “Wait? What are you talking about, date?”

               “I am referring to whatever that display of affection was back in the club!” He shouted. “Where Eddie announced that you and he had a date tonight.” He shouted, and moved further out of the parking lots reach and set down the few things he had been holding. His sleeves pulling against his biceps as he crosses his arms.

“I think you’re being a little over-the-top, Sir.” I quipped, and threw my eyes at how absurd he was sounding. My inner mind cursing herself for noticing his arms at all when I am supposed to be mad at him. He was being such an asshole, I thought to myself. But a sexy asshole. “Eddie and I aren’t dating.”

               “Stop calling me that.” He sighed, the tone of his voice softening.

“Stop calling you what?” I snapped not willing to back down. My cheeks still burning in frustration.

               “Sir.” His voice was curt. “Mr. Sutton.” 

The End

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