Chapter Three -Part OneMature

           Meg left a million questions in her wake, the biggest one of all for Bekah -how she dared to call him by his first name? For me, it was –does he always make a habit of kissing staff members? My inner mind shook her head, holding back from saying what she really thought, which was I told you so! “Oh, they are definitely hooking up.” Bekah admitted, and shook her head at the thought. Our eyes trailed her then as she casually made her way through the crowd and back over to the bar where Mr. Sutton –Noah, stood talking beside another employee. His eyes pushing out over the room surveying the crowd, when he caught sight of me. He smiled, but I didn’t return the gesture. To be honest, I felt used. Pissed, and used. How dare he kiss me like that! How dare he kiss me at all if we seeing someone.

               It was then I surrendered to my conscience, and decided to avoid him from now on. Too handsome to mean anything good, I reminded myself. My inner mind raising from her seat to pat me on the back. “I thought Mr. Sutton never made appearances?” I asked Bekah, and turned my back to him. The look on his face complete, and utter shock just before I did.

“Maybe he took the day off to relax.” She said, but I could hear the skepticism in her tone, even she wasn’t buying it. I stood facing the wall for a second longer before nudging Bekah. Her face confused as she turned towards me, she had still been staring. “Come on,” she smiled faintly, and picked up her server book. “Let’s go make rent.”

               The night flew by, the constant flow of customers a welcome treat compared to my old job at Charlie’s. By the time we closed we had made a killing. The two of us bringing in more tips than the bar, which was unheard of. We even finished up our end of shift duties early, and got to sit and relax while Meg had to continue to fill ice at the bar. Eddie, the bouncer I met yesterday, even came in halfway after we closed to sit with us while we waited. Everyone had to leave together, it was a rule. The crazies were out at this time. My inner mind chuckling to herself as she added, apparently the mafia, too.

                Meg was the last one to finish somewhere around three. The five of us Bekah, Eddie, Meg, Bill -our music guy and I, sat in a section of cocktail tables by the back door. My patience was wearing thin, my body aching from the twelve hour shift Bekah and I just pulled. “Why don’t you go see what’s keeping him?” I offer Meg after another twenty minutes passes and we’ve run out of things to talk about.

“Sure,” she smiled willingly, and stood up. “But you might be waiting for a while if I do.”

               “Sit down, Meg.” Eddie starts. “I need to leave, and if anyone could stall him –it’d be you.” I don’t know why, but hearing Eddie actually say the words out loud, concreting the idea of the two of them together hurt. Sitting up I cross my legs, and lean over. My head falling to rest on my knees. “Actually, based on looks alone. My bet would be with the new girl.” He added after a few minutes.

“Hey!” Bekah and Meg swatted at him in sync.

               “If you are all ready now?” A voice appeared out of nowhere. The five of us turning to find Mr. Sutton waiting by the back door with the key. We were all wondering how he managed to slip by us, when I blushed praying he hadn’t heard our conversation.

“Yes, Sir!” Eddie slapped his knees, and stood up. His plans for tonight driving him to react before the rest of us have a chance. “I got me a hot date tonight.” He smiled, and moved his fingers in a twiddling motion in front of my face. In an attempt to play along with his excitement, I mimicked him back. 

The End

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