Chapter Two -Part FourMature

I shake my head no before she waves for me to follow suit. “I guess we will be right back,” I smiled over to Meg who, for the record, couldn’t care less. Her attention was elsewhere now. Her hands working to position the low cut of her shirt so that she had an over the top amount of cleavage showing. Then quickly moved to detangle her hair so that it fell perfectly around the heart-shape of her face.

My inner mind rolled her eyes, and pushed back her sleeves already miles ahead of me in assuming who the show was for. Breathe. I tell myself. Just breathe. My body thankfully followed on auto pilot behind Bekah, as disappointment settled heavy along my chest. The painful stab of jealousy heating my cheeks, although I had no right to feel this way. He wasn’t anything to me after all, and I wasn’t his. I exhale and force myself to forget.  “Wesley, I want you to meet someone!” Bekah announces us after the door through the kitchen slams shut. The barrier offering a welcomed sigh of relief, and its only after I am able to relax that I realize that there was indeed a kitchen here. I guess we serve food here after all!

               We turn the corner just as Wesley appeared. The stark reality of how much younger he was than Noah something I wasn’t expecting. According to everything Bekah has told me since coming to work here, Mr. Sutton -Noah was 26. But his brother couldn’t be any older than I was. I smiled up at him, the resemblance almost humorous, and like Noah he towered over my small 5’2 frame. His eyes, the color of moss, and the lighter shade of brown in his hair, the only things they didn’t share. “Well, hello.” He smiled coolly.

“Hey!” I bit my lip. “I’m Raelyn.”

               “Ugh, I was going to introduce you.” Bekah groaned, and crossed her arms. Wesley and I exchange a look before he moved quickly at the sound of her disapproval, and spun her around in a circle until she was laughing. “Fine!” She yelled shortly after he set her down.

“So Raelyn,” Wesley smiled feeling satisfied, and showed his teeth. It was an attractive smile, and it suited him. “Do you think you’re going to be able to handle us here at SMASH?”

               “Oh, she is an amazing server.” Bekah interjected before I could even get a word out in response. “We’ve worked together before, and dare I say it –she is almost as good as me!”

“Oh, almost?” Wesley laughed, his attention on Bekah now.

               “What?” She rolled her eyes playfully. “I couldn’t very well say she was better than me.”

               The three of us broke out in a laugh then, the weight of my previous jealousy slowly slipping away. We stood there talking for what felt like an hour, although in truth it was probably more like a couple of minutes. Pretty soon though we were summoned back inside to finish prepping for this evening. Where we worked until the club’s doors opened at seven, and people began flooding in. Wesley made note to come over and hug us goodbye before he left, and I was excited to find how comfortable and easy it was to be around him. Like a breath of fresh air. Something his brother really needed to learn.

               Bekah and I were released shortly after closing for our first break, which we used to change into the required attire, and freshen up our make up in the staff restrooms. “Damn girl,” I heard Meg call out to us as we slid behind the prep line and clocked back in. “That outfit looks great on you!”

               I cut my eyes over to Bekah, and took in a deep breath. I knew I was going to have a problem with what all the servers were required to wear. Tight shirts, with a low cut front that exposed a lot more cleavage than I was used to, and short shorts. I mean, we might as well be wearing a bikini. My inner mind shook her head. You would think that at a club where chandeliers were the desired lighting, that the servers would be dress a little more conservative but no! That is definitely not that case. “Thanks,” I force a smile.

               “What’s wrong?” She asks. Her hand curling into a fist and resting on her hip, as she leans on one arm over the counter. “Is it too revealing for you?”

“Lay off, Meg.” Bekah rolls her eyes, and hands me a server book. “Just follow me okay?” She smiled warmly, her hand squeezing my arms reassuringly. “And don’t listen to Meg. She’s just jealous you’re naturally blessed, that outfit was practically made for you. I’m even jealous as to how good you look.”

               “I heard that!” Meg shot up off the counter. “I’ll have you know-”

“Yeah, yeah.” Bekah waved her off. “You’re pretty, too.” She said, rolling her eyes to where I was the only one able to see. “Happy now?”

               “I don’t have to be happy,” She shrugged, her tone was complacent, then. “Noah enjoys it enough.”

The End

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