Chapter Two -Part threeMature

           The words barely managed to escape my lips before he rushed to close the space between us. His lips crushing mine as he kissed me. His hand moving up to take hold of my pony tail, his other encircling my waste. After a moment, I thought he was going to pull away when his tongue pushed into my mouth, teasing me and he deepened the kiss. When he finally does release me, I am thankful he hasn’t dropped his arm just yet, my whole body suddenly feeling weak and drained. “What is it about you that tests me so?” His voice is broken and breathy along my neck, my nipples puckering under the weight of his words. My inner mind stands dazed and confused. My only thought being what the hell had just happened?

               Not trusting myself to speak out of fear he may leave, I rest my hands against the hard muscles of his chest and try to collect myself. His question replaying in my mind as I try to make sense of it all. I test him? What the hell does that even mean? Somewhere in the distance a door slams shut as the idea of what we must look like registers on both of our faces simultaneously, and with a deep breath I step out of his reach. My legs still a little shaky as I do. “I should probably go find Bekah.” I am the first to break the growing tension between us as I turn and make my way back down the stairs. The feeling of his eyes on my back acting as the perfect distraction, as I turn the corner and find myself back at the prep line. My finger touching my swollen lips, as images of the kiss flash in my mind. My skin prickling remembering how it felt to kiss him. I close my eyes and lean back against the wall. I had never been kissed like that before. The way his lips claimed me, rough and hard. I was breathless just thinking about it.

               “There you are!” Bekah called out, the high pitched tone of her voice ripping me from my inner thoughts. “What the hell happened back there?”

Standing up straight, I bite my lip apprehensively. Did she see us? “What do you mean?” I ask figuring that it was the safest thing to say.

               “I mean,” She sighed. Rolled her eyes, and then pulled herself up to sit atop the counter top. The jolt of her weight shifting my stack of neatly folded silverware, causing it to tumble down and unraveling at least half of them. “What the hell happened? When I left you two he looked as if he were about to rip off your head but, you seem perfectly fine so dish!” Her voice raising slightly. The image of her hair pulled back, causing my inner mind to panic at the thought of what mine must look like. The only encouragement, the fact that if it had been something noticeable –Bekah would be the one to say something.

               “Oh,” I start to say, racking my brain trying to come up with something that she might actually believe. The idea of what really happened still, too new for me to talk about. At least, until I have a better idea myself. “He told me that he demanded respect, and that he wouldn’t want to have to make an example out of me.” I say, hearing his words from last night. My inner mind feeling slightly less guilt for the fact that I hadn’t completely lied to her. He had said those things in a sense, just not in the way that I wanted to tell her.

“Damn,” she groaned, her eyes all but popping out of her head at the thought. “You’re not fired though, right?”

               “I don’t think so?” I frowned when her question caught me off guard. I realized I didn’t really know what any of what had happened actually meant for me. Was I fired? I asked myself. I don’t think I am? I decide. The weight of his words as I thought about it made my head spin.

“So,” she began again. “When were you going to tell me you knew him exactly?”

               My lips parted as I was about to tell her that I didn't, really. When Meg, a bartender I met last night, blew through the door in a hurry. Her fingers tapping wildly along the screen as she raced to clock in. “Everything okay, Meg?” I asked. My voice tight, as her expression seemed to lighten a great deal once she finished.

“Oh, nothing.” She smiled, and turned to face us. Her stare narrowing before she realized who I was. “I almost didn’t recognize you.” She said, “No, Wesley just caught me outside and said that Mr. Sutton was here.” She flashed me a look as if to say, you know how it is. But must have remembered shortly after that –no, I didn’t know. “He hates when we’re late.”

               “Oh, Wesley is out back?” Bekah said, and hopped off the counter. “Come one Raelyn, I’ll introduce you.” She says taking a few steps away from me before turning back around. “Wait, you don’t already know him, too do you?” 

The End

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