Chapter Two- Part twoMature

“Because I hear things.” She raises her brow. “Because I listen, and because I like to know who I’m working for.”

               Working for? Her words suddenly hit me, and I set down the cup. “I don’t think it’s a good idea for either of us to get mixed up in working there, especially if the rumors are true.”

“It doesn’t work like that.” She says, and shakes her head. “Working there is the safest place, if not the only safe place for people like us.” She begins. “Think about it, his father owns most of the city but, not the few places Noah does. He can’t, or wont. Even if he is angry that they left, he still wouldn’t let anything bad happen to his son’s. So if you think about it, not working for Noah means putting yourself at risk.”

               “Why haven’t I heard anything about this until now?” I scoff at her, the idea that she chooses now to tell me that I have been living a risky life, working at Charlie’s, making me question just how earnest of a friendship we really have. “Why didn’t you tell me about this while I was at Charlie’s?”

I watched her expression tread the thin line between whatever emotions she was working to mask. “Well firstly, because I didn’t know you were completely cut off from what was going on around you, and second. If you didn’t know I was afraid telling you might make you an easy target. Everywhere you went you would be suspicious, and they look for people like that! They have probably killed for a lot less.”

               “This is ridiculous.” I say, and push past her. “I don’t believe it. If there was an underground mafia in the city, I think I would have heard something about it before today?”

               My words were short and clipped, my tone more harsh than I had intended to be. But I didn’t care. It couldn’t be true, there was no way. Instead, I make my way back to my room having had enough of this conversation, and began getting ready for my first day at SMASH. After an hour, I am dress and ready to go as I sit legs crossed in the living room still waiting to Bekah. Ten excruciatingly long minutes pass, before she finally emerges. “You ready?” She smiles, and reaches for her purse. “I’ll drive.” She adds, and before long we are there and prepping for tonight’s events.

               I stood behind the prep line, working my way through a stack of silverware, trying to master the art of folding properly. Did this place even serve food? I asked myself. Having not seen a single trace of food since I’ve been here. “Raelyn!” Bekah yells out to me from the VIP section. I could tell from her tone that she was excited about something but, what I didn’t know. I set the napkin I was currently holding on top of the stack I had yet to do, and made my way to where she was.

My eyes peeling from my chest, as I worked to adjust the pin on my name tag, I am frozen mid step when I find him standing there. His icy blue gaze holding me, that handsome smile pulling at his lips as he wrinkles his brow in amusement. His eyes briefly moving to where my hands had been before his full attention consumes me, and once again I am rendered helpless to do anything but look at him. “Raelyn, this is Mr. Sutton. Mr. Sutton, Raelyn.” She began, her hands motioning between us. My inner mind curious as to why she always insisted on doing that. I know my name! It’s apparent that the only other one would be the person she is introducing me to. Therefore the need to point out who is who is mute.

“Raelyn, how nice to see you, again.” Mr. Sutton said, his tone business almost instantly. His knowing smile quickly diminishing, a stone clad expression hardening in its place. My inner mind suddenly begins to question if he knew who I was all along. The image of his expression when I first told him my name burning along my cheeks. If anything he probably had just heard my name in passing –the new girl under his payroll. This was utterly embarrassing. 

“Mr. Sutton?” I manage. The sound of his name on my lips stirring an uneasy feeling in my chest. I swallow hard. “It’s you?”

               “I’m sorry.” Bekah interjects almost immediately. Her eyes shifting in a panic between the two of us. “Again?” She asked. “I’m sorry, you two know each other?”

“It appears that way,” He said just as I yelled –No! That stupid smile of his threatening to break his all business act, and I cut my eyes back to Bekah. Her blank expression a welcomed sight and for the next few minutes, at least. I refused give him the satisfaction of my full attention.

               “Okay?” Bekah said, drawing out the word as she did. Hyphening her intent for one of us to explain.           Eventually giving up on me, she turned to him. Her tone soft, her expression hesitant as she continued. “Would you like to elaborate?” She asked him.

“I don’t think that’s quite necessary.” His tone direct, and to the point. I roll my eyes, and turn to face him. His expression faltering when I narrow my eyes at him. “What?”

               What? My inner mind yells at him. “That was a little harsh,” I say honestly, and reach out and grab Bekah’s arm. That brief flash of confusion barely crossing his face, and I know I’ve managed to break some part of that stone clad exterior of his. “Come on Bekah, I’m sure there is something else we could be doing.”

“Stop!” His voice surrounds us. My heart jumping at the demand, the icy blue of his eyes boring into me with such a force I hadn’t seen before. “Rebekah, leave us.”

               Without question, she turns and leaves. Each step she takes in the opposite direction, stripping me until she is gone, and I am left alone feeling completely unprotected against him. My inner mind searching for a way out. But it’s only then, after she leaves, that I can see him beginning to relax. His expression calming as he draws in a deep breath through his nose and releases it. The muscles along his chest, flexing under the tight material of his shirt. And its then I noticed how casual he was dressed. A tight black sleeved t-shirt, and jeans. The arms of his sleeves pulled tight against his biceps, as he radiating absolute sex. I wrinkle my brow, confusion playing along my mind. An image of those arms pinning me against a wall igniting a feeling that I wasn't ready to admit to myself. “Look, if you’re going to fire me, then do it.” I say, instantly wishing I hadn’t. 

The End

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