Chapter TwoMature

            We left the event closer to midnight, my mind exhausted after everything that had happened. I was relieved when sleep came easy, and when I awoke I was elated with the idea of going to work. Today was my first day at SMASH –my mind freezes instantly -the name invoking an image of him. No. No, no, no. I seize control of my thoughts and push all images of him out of sight and out of mind. I roll from my bed, and throw my blonde, wavy hair up in a messy bun. Not daring to glance in a mirror just yet as I tread the small distance into the kitchen. Where Bekah was already seated, helping herself to a bowl of cereal. “Morning.” I say in between a yawn.

“Sleeping beauty finally awakes,” She laughs, and sets down the book she had been reading. “You excited for today?”

               “I am believe it or not.” I lean against the counter, and cross my arms.

“See, I told you it was a cool place.” She smiled, and spooned another mouthful of just milk into her mouth. “I can’t wait until you meet Wesley! Penny said that he was going to be at opening today doing inventory.”

               “Who’s Wesley?” I ask, pouring a glass of orange juice before joining her at the table.

“Mr. Sutton’s brother?” She said as if it were a silly question. “He stops in for his brother from time to time to check up on things.”

               “Oh,” was all I said. My inner mind rolling her eyes as curiosity bit at the back of my mind in the form of an unanswered question. “Hey, you never explain why it was such a big deal for your boss to show up last night?” I reminded her.

               “Oh, yeah!” she shook her head, and sat forward along her seat. Her hand moving to push the book further into the center of the table as she leaned her elbows along either side of her bowl. “You know who they are, don’t you?” She asked. “Mr. Sutton, and Wesley?”

               I shrugged not up for guessing, “No?”

“They’re brothers,” Bekah smiled exasperated. Were they famous or something? I asked myself. Unsure, although by the way she spoke of them, it was as if they were royalty. “Their father is Robert Sutton.” I pause the names still not registering in my mind. Bekah tossed her eyes, and flashed me an irritated look. “Seriously? Robert freaking Sutton, you’ve never heard of him?”

               “Is there a point to all of this?” I finally say. A smile escaping my lips seeing how wound up she was becoming.

“The point is that they’re father is the CEO and owner of Sutton Marketing.” She said in a harsh tone. “The multibillion dollar company!”

               I wrinkle my brow, and sit back appraisingly. “So they’re trust fund babies trying to make a name for themselves before daddy drags them into the family business?” I smiled sarcastically, still not seeing the point. “What does that have to do with anything?”

“You still don’t know who their father is, do you?” She whispers, and glances around as if someone could be watching us. Its then I flush with the uneasy feeling that I wasn’t going to like what she had to say, and lean in closer to the table to hear. “He’s the mafia.”

               I sit back letting her word sink in before bursting out loud in a fit of laughter. “You’re joking right?”

“I’m not, granted, he may not be as big of a deal as the ones you hear about in the news.” She finally admits. “But the threat is just as real, I think they are merely better at covering their tracks. The story is that Wesley and Mr. Sutton left, not wanting any part of it. Leaving Kase, their other brother, in line to be the next heir to their father’s empire.”

               “Does Mr. Sutton not have a name?” I ask, completely off topic but growing increasingly curious as to why his brother is just Wesley, yet he is Mr. Sutton?

“Yes, it’s Noah but, no one calls him that.” She says, her eyes simultaneously wondering the same thing herself. “I think it’s because he has control issues,” She continued. A smile playing along her lips at the thought of what she was about to say. “That, and the fact that he is extremely intense and ungodly attractive. He’s too intimidating so it’s just easier to keep to formalities with him. Whereas Wesley is too laid back for such a thing.”

               Controlling? Intense? An image pricks at the back of my mind at her choice of words but, I push it away almost instantly. “Is Wesley not attractive?” I ask in effort to distract myself.

“No, I mean, he is very much attractive, yes but not like Noah.”

               My lips brush the cool glass, and swallow the remaining amount of juice before I stand and move to the sink. My eyes peering out at the busy sidewalk as I work to rinse it clean. “So the mafia, huh?” I smirk at the way it sounded. A laugh barely escaping my lips before Bekah nudges me pleading me to take her seriously. She sets her bowl in the sink. “How do you even know all of this?” In an attempt to give her the benefit of the doubt.

The End

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