Chapter One- Part threeMature

             Staring up at him clinically, it was easy to see that he was very handsome. The exact type of guy I often tried to avoid, with his icy blue eyes and brown, slightly tousled hair. He was too handsome for anything good to ever come out of dating a guy like him. The sort of guy who had more girls vying for his attention that he knew what to do with. With his chiseled face and muscular frame –apparent even under his perfectly tailored suit. There was something about him though. Something I couldn’t quiet put my finger on, but was instinctively drawn to –although I would never act upon! For whatever reason, whatever it was, I was immediately rendered defenseless. The only thing I hated more than feeling that way, was the look on his face as if I had somehow disappointed him with my answer. But that was insane, right?

               “Thank you for answering me, miss?”

“Raelyn.” I offered nervously, and dropped my hands by my sides. “Raelyn Morgan.”

               It could have been the lights, or my imagination, but the second I finished, I could have sworn it was shock at my name that crossed his face. But as quick as it appeared, it was gone. Leaving me to wonder if I had imagined the whole thing. “Raelyn,” He continued. The sound of my name on his lips igniting a feeling deep within my chest, his tone seeming to have warmed a few degrees, too. “Thank you, Raelyn, but I was actually referring to Mrs. Gisselle.” He said, the corners of his lips pulling into a soft smile. His eyes holding me trapped within his icy gaze before breaking whatever moment we had shared, and moving to someone standing a few feet behind me.

“You’re asking me?” The woman, Gisselle, began. Her hand making the dramatic motion of moving to a place along her chest as her eyes grew to the size of grapes. “She bumps into me, almost running me over, and you have the Gaul to ask me if there is an issue?”

               “Yes,” was all he said.

 A slight smile escaped my lips then as I fought to contain myself. Why was he standing up for me? I asked myself. My inner mind seated in her chair, firmly. Sorting through all that had happened trying to figure it out herself. Mrs. Gisselle had about the same reaction I did. Only, I don’t think it was a laugh she was biting back but, some very heated words she didn’t trust herself not to blurt out. I watched the array of emotions flash across her face, until her better judgement told her otherwise. She sighed, and then turned towards me. “I apologize.” She said, and with much effort on her part. She flashed a smile.

“I’m sorry, too. I didn’t-”

“Mrs. Gisselle, I believe you might want to take a break for a few minutes.” He interjected then, his voice claiming the space, and stopping me from finishing whatever it was I was about to say. “You seem a bit on edge.” He finished, his words dripping authority. Even I felt a twinge of guilt for the poor lady. It hardly seemed fair that he could just demand her to “take a break.” He had made his point, he didn’t have to keep embarrassing her in front of the crowd of on-lookers.

               Rather than acknowledging his demands for her to leave with a response. Instead, she simply nodded and turned to the man she had been dancing with, and sauntered off. The crowd of on-lookers quickly falling back in suit with the rest of the dance floor. The song that had been playing quickly fading into a slow dance, Michael Buble’s, Save The Last Dance. I could feel the weight of his eyes, heavy on my back as I watched until the woman exited the floor. The lure of him consuming me shortly after, and eventually I was forced to turn and face him. His eyes taking in the length of me. No. Studying me. His lips pulling into that handsome smile, again. My inner mind shaking her head at me, as an image of those lips against mine rocks me, and I blush at the thought. My cheeks burning.

“I apologize for Gisselle.” He says, taking what few steps were left until there were only mere inches separating us. I could feel my body instantly coming alive at the nearness of him, and it was all I could do to stay standing. “She can be quite difficult at times.”

               “It was my fault.” I say the words aloud before I even knew I had said anything at all. “You didn’t need to be so hateful. She apologized.” The handsome smile he was wearing faded with my words, his expression hardening back to that annoyed look of disdain.

“It wasn’t her apology that I was after, but merely to make an example.” His words were as cold as ice, and suddenly I wondered if this was why everyone seemed to fear him so much. Make an example of her? I repeated to myself. It was a cruel thing to say. Yet, being who I am I was unwilling to back down. Steadily, I took in a deep breath and continued.

               “So your goal was to –what, embarrass her?” I raise my voice slightly, suddenly feeling evenly as annoyed as he seemed to be. “Since when does that earn respect?”

“I already have their respect.” He wrinkled a brow at me, and took another step closer. His expression holding mine, and I couldn’t help but feel like he was testing me in some way. Pushing me to see when too close was too much. Was he trying to dominate me? The question was there and gone before I had the chance to fully understand where it had come from. “But it is obvious that you will take some further convincing.”


The End

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