Chapter OneMature

             “Thank you, again for coming with me tonight.” Bekah cut me a smile, and handed our tickets to the bouncer. Eddie –I think she said his name was? He was a tall, muscular man with biceps as big as my head. He took our tickets, immediately examining them with a sense of urgency I found annoying. I mean, what did he expect? That Bekah would swipe, and or steal two tickets to an event at her own place of employment? I rolled my eyes at the thought, silently scoffing up at the ape of a man. But a part of me thought he was just doing his job, and so I dropped it. “Mr. Sutton really went all out tonight!” Bekah said on raised toes. “I can’t believe you’re going to be working here soon, too!”

               “I know,” I smiled coolly, and motioned behind us. The amount of people still waiting in line to go inside insane to me, it already wound around half a block, and this was just the early crowd. The people here even came dressed to impress, sporting designer outfits and accessories I could never afford. “It’s definitely not Charlie’s.” I laughed earning a toothy grin from Bekah.

“And thank god for that!”

               “I don’t know how I am going to do this, Bekah.” I said, my stomach twisting in knots. This was more than just little bit different than Charlie’s. It’s a world’s difference. There, we were lucky if we were seated twenty tables in a day. Here, there are no tables except for the VIP, and Private Lounging. Mostly it’s a mass free for all, and although I know she makes more than twice what I do in a week in one night, making it more than worth the transition. I’m worried it may be too much for me to handle. “I’m not sure I am cut out for all of this.”

               “Oh, hush!” She shrugged, and waved me off. “You’re a natural. Besides, you’ll be following me for the first week -it will be fun. Plus, you know I will be there to help you learn all the ins and outs.” It was then she nudged my shoulder, “the trick is to not let them see you sweat!”

“Thanks.” I smiled whole-heartedly.


               After what felt like ages Eddie, the bouncer, feeling satisfied with our tickets, moved to punch in the clubs famous logo SMASH into the bottom right corner, and then handed them back. “Who’s your friend, Bekah?” He smiled, his voice that of a chain smoker. Rough, and horse. His breath heavy with the smell of spearmint. “You two look as if you’re out to kill tonight.”

“Oh, this is Raelyn, Eddie. Eddie, Raelyn.” Bekah introduced us, her hands moving back and forth between myself and the ape. As if we needed help deciphering who was who.

               Reaching my hand out, I let out a muffled version of a laugh. “Hey,” I smiled trying to be friendly. He may be an ape, but I wasn’t raised to be rude. “It’s nice to meet you.”

               Eddie glanced at my hand for maybe a second before shaking his head. “I don’t shake hands, beautiful.” He smiled, before reaching out and dragging me into a grizzly bear of a hug. “We hug where I’m from.”

“Oh, Eddie put her down.” Bekah screamed, swatting him on his shoulder until he set me down. “I swear,” she scolded up at him. “Whoever put you at the ticket stand must have been smoking something all kinds of strong if they thought you could behave yourself.”

               “I am merely teasing her.” Eddie rolled his eyes before finally offering his hand to me. “It’s very nice to finally meet you, too miss best friend of Bekah. We’ve heard so much about you.”

“I don’t mind.” I laughed up at him genuinely, and took his hand. Beside me I could see Bekah having all kinds of a fit about how he wrinkled my dress. Leaning forward, I whispered, “I’m a hugger, too.”

               “I heard that.” Bekah scoffed.

“Well then ladies,-” Eddie interjected then, motioning past him, and towards the inside. “have a wonderful time tonight. I hope whatever man hunt you’re on turns up bountiful.”

“Bye.” I smiled.

               “Ugh, come on Raelyn.”

               I followed Bekah past the ticket stand, as she tossed her nose up at him, and proceeded to push past everyone around her until we were inside and seated. “He can be such an ass sometimes.” She said, and rolled her eyes. I shrugged, indifferent in the fact that after talking to him, I found he was actually pretty nice. 

“At least he called us beautiful.” I offered, suddenly feeling guilt for calling him an ape.

               “No he didn’t.” Bekah wrinkled her brow at me, her expression one I couldn’t place. No. Wait? Was she actually jealous? “He called you beautiful, and then wrinkled the fool out of my dress.”

“Oh.” I said, and looked down. It must be along the back, I thought to myself because, in the front, there wasn’t a wrinkle in sight. The dress itself was really elegant. At first I wasn’t sure I was going to like it, but now that we are here, I am happy Bekah forced me to wear it. You have to, you look amazing! She cooed. It was a floor length, emerald colored satin dress. With off the shoulder sleeves, and the back cut extremely low. Low in the sense that it fell just above my where my butt was.

Normally, I wouldn’t be caught dead in something this promiscuous, but I had to admit, it did wonders for what curves I had, and complexion. “It’s fine.” She sighed after a moment, and leaned forward. “He was right, you do look beautiful.” She reached out then, and nudged my shoulder. “Just make sure you don’t steal all of the attractive men tonight, I am in some serious need of a new play thing.”

“Bekah!” I laughed, and covered my mouth. My eyes watering from how hard I was laughing. “Deal, but I don’t think you will have to worry too much about that. I promise you he was just being nice, I don’t think guys will be rushing to date me anytime soon.”

               “Yeah, yeah.” She waved me off. “Oh, hey!” She started, and stood up. Her right arm flying up into the air, motioning two people over to us. “Penny, Ethan!”

The End

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