His Eyes

Based on a dream I had, actually, but some things added. :)

The dream was like any other dream.

Like any other dream, there were things that didn't make any sense, but seemed logical at the time.  Like any other dream, there were people that could do magical things and animals that looked very strange.

Just the normal dream...most of it I can't even remember...but one part of the dream remains as vivid as reality...and I can't forget it.  Even if I wanted to forget, I couldn't.  This will haunt me for as long as I live.

His eyes.  

They were a color of green that I can't even begin to describe.  They had so much knowledge in them...they were filled with peace, happiness, joy...and yet, at the same time, sadness, and pity for the world.  The beauty was unimaginable...I couldn't stop staring at those beautiful green eyes...I was lost in them, and they seemed to be lost in me, too.  They were also so filled with love that I almost suffocated...but a good suffocation that I never wanted to end.  Those eyes...those eyes...

But what also brings me to say who those eyes belonged to.  They belonged to this gorgeous boy...this angelic human...with hair the color of warm sand, and curls eager to be caressed.  His hair had a mind of its own, and the radiance of him made my heart pump faster and faster.

His smile was that of the brightest and most pure light on earth.  They were perfectly straight and shone when he grinned.

The beauty of that boy, who sat next to me, was that of an angel...yet he was a boy.  

It was almost like I was in a trance in those eyes.

Yet, somehow, that beautiful boy loved me.  I know not how I knew.  I just...knew, a knowing that was beyond my knowledge.  The love was in his eyes, and I wanted to drown in it.  And yet his name still is unknown to me.  I love this boy, as much or more than he loves me.

The dream was short, but I know that our love will be forever.

Each second of the day my heart will ache for his presence.  Though our skin did not meet one bit nor did our mouthes meet, I long to be with him, to feel the safety that I felt when we were together, the peace, the joy, the love...

Will I ever see my love again?



The End

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