Her Coffee Shop

“Excuse me, where is Nila?” I said to this older gentlemen who works in the coffee place.
“What? Little Nila isnt here? Oh, she’s been here everyday since her grandmother past a couple of years ago. She usual helps me with the shop when it gets busy.

He just kept talking about her and I didnt mean to be ignorant, but she’s not at her post. She’s been at that post for several years, sometimes late, but always there playing some sort of game.

“Excuse me, are you Nila grandfather?” I said.
“Yesh, I’m Nool. Have you seen my Nila?”
“No sir.”
“Why, she’ll be here, she’s always here, to take care of me.”
I just nodded at him, worried for Nila.

“Well sir, if you need help until Nila comes I can help.” I said trying to be nice. “I’ll be right back!”

I walked off, looking for her, only thinking the worse. Bad images rushing to my head about where she could be.

“Nila!!” I wanted to scream. “Where could this woman be? And I hope she’s okay.”

The End

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