His Chess Set

I would walk past her every morning about 10o’clock everyday. She is a regular & so was I at this coffee spot. She is a very cute woman, all she did at 10am was play a game of chess with her friend and wait for the 11am train.
Well one day, I saw her staring at me, but I didnt pay her any attention. Like she would always wave & smile at me but never speak & she did that today.
“Hello.” she said.
I stopped in my tracks.
“Oh, hello.” I said back.
She looked like she got really nervous.
“So, I dont think I have ever talked to you.” I said.
“Well, I’m really quiet, I dont speak much.”
“Oh, really. Can I ask you a question? What is your name?”
“Nila. Nila Tamin.”
“Such a pretty name for a pretty person.”
It made me feel good, that she started blushing. I felt like I did something right.
“Well do you want to play?”
“Yes, I play you.”
“Yea, a new player.”
For the next couple of weeks, we talked more then we’ve ever talked in years. She was such a great person
Then one day, she wasnt there.

The End

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