His Beautiful Green Eyes

When I look into his beautiful green eyes, I see a man. A man who is sensitive, charming, and sweet. I wrapped my arms around him. I told him I love him. He put his arms around my waist. His soft beautiful lips met mine. We kissed under the stars God gave to us.
When I'm in his arms, I felt peace, loved, and tranquility. I felt like heaven every time I look into his beautiful green springtime eyes. It spells out his birth season. Rubbing my fingers through his dark hair felt so good. The smell of his cologne awakened my senses. I can see the future for us. And it is so bright. He caressed me and never lets me forget it.
Every time I looked into his beautiful green eyes, I love him even more. He's handsome and smart, what more could I ask for. God blessed me with this man. He's tall, but has a wonderful heart. He wants to be with me. He's holding me. He told me in his deep voice that he loves me. He's an angel to me. A beautiful smile from him that goes well with his beautiful green eyes.
I prayed for this man, because I wanted him to be Saved. He healed me, and then set me free. He is a romantic guy who loves to surprise me. I love him so much, and this is more than just because of his talent, intelligent, and beauty. But what I love the most as a loving man is the way he looked at me with his beautiful green eyes.

The End

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