She's mine.Mature

The story of how Ezra Sanders became His.




She was running, her breathing coming out in short wheezes. The air that came from her now swollen pink lips creating a cloud of white in front of her pale face. Her inky black hair, which was usually up in a tight bun, was now loose strands flying everywhere some even sticking to her cheeks like wet cotton strings.

Ezra flew behind a tree, breathing in slowly but shakily. Her legs trembled underneath her almost giving out. She shut her green eyes tight, her fingernails grazing the rough tree bark. Slowly but surely her heart rate started to decrease its speed.

The only light that shown through the trees was the illuminating glow of the moon, making its way through the darkened trees and hunched over bushes.

“You could have done better than that, Ez.” His voice came out disappointed but she could already picture the hungry glint in flush blue eyes. Ezra knew Grayson too well for her own liking.

“Your scent,” he sniffed her hair, twirling it in between his fingers, “is just so enticing.” Grayson grabbed her arm and pushed her up against his chest. His finger trailed up her neck earning a shiver from her.

It was disgusting really.

He licked his lips, his eyes turning black with hunger.

“Now my princess, you’ll be mine forever.


“Doctor where did you find her?” A gruff voice asked.

“In the forest, hunters were surrounding the area when they heard her scream.” A female voice replied, she sounded concerned.

Who is this ‘she’? Ezra thought.

“Any damages?” he asked again.

“There seemed to be these,” she felt something cold press against her neck, “we don’t know what or who caused them. When the hunters got to her she was lying on the ground screaming bloody murder and thrashing around. The blood test results came back saying that she’s got poison in her blood.”

The voices began to drift off, becoming a mere echo in the back of her mind as oblivion suddenly wrapped his filthy hands around her and dragged her in.


Poison in the blood


Save her, before it’s too late.

Poisonintheblood. Shesfallingslippingdrowningfallingslippingdrowning. Poisonintheblood. Shesfallingslippingdrowningfallingslippingdrowning. Poisonintheblood. Shesfallingslippingdrowningfallingslippingdrowning.

Who is?

And me?

Poison, saveher!

Shesfallingslippingdrowningfallingslippingdrowning, Poison in the blood.


You are


Poison, save her before it’s too late.

‘She’s mine now, it’s already too late, she’s ours, and she belongs to me.’

And me?


Poison in the blood, it’s multiplying, SAVE HER!

She’s mine and only mine. Mine to hold, mine to keep and mine to be with.

And me?



Something cold dripped down on her lip, causing her eyebrows to crinkle and her nose to scrunch up. Her head was foggy and it felt like someone had put a grenade in there.

“Hey, Ez? Are you up yet?” She heard a familiar voice but she couldn’t put her finger on where she had heard it from.

Her eyes opened slowly, revealing a set of green eyes. She groaned from the pain. Jeremiah, her bigger brother, sat next to the bed, his cold blue eyes watching her carefully. Seeing that it was him, she sprung up and enveloped him in a warm hug.

“How long have I been out?” She buried her head in the crook of his shoulder.

“A few weeks.”


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The End

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