Children We Love

The nicest kind of children

Are those who stay away.

They don't run in the garden

Or screech and scream all day.

They do a little paper round

and give you all the dosh

They don't want pocket money

And their own clothes they wash.

They always go to school on time

and do their homework neatly

And when it comes to bedtime

They kiss their mummy sweetly.

They go upstairs at half past eight

and sleep the whole night through

Then morning comes, they greet you

With toast and tea for two.

At Christmas and on birthdays

They don't demand and whine

''We don't need lots of presents -

New clothes will be just fine.''

They help you with the housework

Or even do the lot

And serve you tea and chocolate

Half-hourly, on the dot.

The End

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