"Hip Happen'n Mama"

I'm a hip happen'n mama

Need to take a moment to say

I've earned every grey hair

Up to this God given day

I've been baking cookies

Long before you could say school

So ya better watch your back child

Coz this mama ain't no fool

I'm not one for hollering

See no need in complaining

But think it's time you look within

And do a little re-evaluting

I know you think me the enemy

Don't see me as very cool

Like the day I caught you shooting hoops

When you should have been at school

I know all the tricks of the trade

Coz I was a teen once too

And every excuse you give to me

was just borrowed from me by you!

I've got a bigger role much bigger

than you can invision

Goes beyond the late nights

Cell phones and television

So this is my own little rap

In honor of all great Mothers

If ya got a problem with that

You can take it up with your father!

The End

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