Chapter 16.4Mature

Lucas POV

I yawned, dimly recalling the memories that had invaded my mind. I sat up on the sofa, a palm covering my mouth as I tried not to remember the rest of that blue moon. The whole reason my dad put the treaty in action. I didn't even understand why I was suddenly being bothered by events of three years ago. I hadn't thought about them in any depth for a while now. The first year after was difficult, but I coped like everyone else. I moved my hand to my neck and pushed away the grim thoughts. I didn't want Will to be worried about me if he came home, and I definitely didn't want to recount everything. As if someone out could read my mind, I heard the front door unlock. I stood up as Will walked into the living room, and I could tell something was up instantly. His movements were agitated, his expression marred with anger.

“Bad meeting?” I asked, this was usually the cause of it. I knew he'd never tell the details of them, that was always going to be a secret and I'd accepted that.

“Vincent,” Will muttered, running a hand through his hair. He looked up at me then and grimaced.

“What's up?” I frowned.

“He's insisting some form of reparation on your part.” It took me a split second to realise what Will meant, then I recalled the trial meeting.

“Oh,” I said, feeling my whole body tense up instinctively.

“He'll check my arm too. I've been trying to think of a work around all evening,” Will ranted, walking past me to stare blankly at the off TV screen.“Why does that man have to be so stubborn,” he half-yelled.

“Hey,” I said, putting both arms on his shoulders. “It's fine.” He froze at the words, shooting me a look over his shoulder.

“No way-” he began.

“We can't give anyone reason to think we're close, right? Vincent will figure something is up if you don't do this,” I replied, really hating the logical part of my mind.

“Luca, are you really going to be okay with this?” he asked. I felt my hand go back to my neck, to where Francis had bit me. Truthfully it hadn't been that painful, or perhaps my memory was being kind to me. I ignored three years ago.

“We don't have a choice,” I shrugged, dropping my hand.

“Right,” Will murmured, still looking uncomfortable. “You should probably lie down, in case you get dizzy,” he suggested.

“Right,” I said, echoing his earlier word. I walked to the bedroom and laid down. This was certainly not how I pictured lying in bed with him to go. Well, the climbing on top of me part, sure. He leaned down and I figured he would just get it over and done with straight away, instead he kissed me. The sudden force of it surprising me. I felt a moan escape and it took a few seconds before I pulled away, confused.

“Wha-” I began.

“You were too tense, it would've hurt,” he said sheepishly.

“Oh,” I replied, feeling earlier nerves return fast. Francis had caught off-guard, was that why it didn't hurt much? Will lips brushed over my neck and I squeezed my eyes shut. I heard felt a sigh against my neck and then he pulled away. I opened my eyes, confused.

“This is going to hurt unless you relax,” he said.

“Relaxing is kind of difficult considering,” I muttered tersely. I instantly regretted my tone, this wasn't his fault.

“Do you trust me?” Will asked, leaning close enough to almost kiss again.

“Of course,” I replied, surprising even myself by how little I hesitated.

“Then don't worry,” he said, pressing his forehead to mine. I let out a breath and managed to shake some of the tenseness. We kissed again, this time it was softer though. He trailed his lips along my jaw and down my neck. I felt a involuntary shudder when he kissed my collarbone.

“If sex is a relaxation plan I'm all for it,” I joked.

“It's fairly common actually,” Will replied, cocking an eyebrow.

“Wait, what?” I asked.

“Humans drop their guard the most during such interactions, and after they just assume it's a hickey or sex got a little too rough,” Will shrugged.

“I'd rather not have our first time be remembered for biting,” I replied. Will laughed loudly, shaking his head.

“I love how you just say what you think all the time,” he said in between his laughing. I hadn't seen him laugh this much in a while.

“Yeah well, I lo-” I cut myself off, suddenly realising what we were saying, my cheeks burning.

“That hard to think of something?” Will joked.

“N-no,” I stuttered. “In fact the list is fairly extensive,” I said, rubbing the back of my neck. I can't believe this is happening now, when he's about to drink my blood of all things.

“Hmm?” he pushed. I shook my head, smirking and keeping my lips shut on that list. “Tease,” he murmured. His voice a few octaves lower than I expected. He pushed me down to the bed, kissing me more roughly than I expected. I felt a moan escape as his body pressed against mine. I felt his hands explore under my shirt, touching the sensitive skin of my sides. I dug my hands into his hair, pulling him closer still. I could hear his sounds matching mine. He pulled from my lips, kissing down my neck and to the top of my shirt. Then he pushed my shirt up and began kissing my chest.

I wondered briefly if he could feel as wildly my heart was beating under the skin he kissed. He returned to my lips, this time it was slower and he was reluctant to break it. Then his lips moved to my neck and he bit me. It took me a split second to realise what he'd done, the pain not registering at first. I instantly tensed, wincing. Sensing this, Will stroked a free hand through my hair, as he had so many times before. I was still breathing quickly for a different reasons but squeezed my eyes shut, concentrating on that rather than the tug at my neck. He pulled away quicker than Francis did, wiping his lips while watching me with concern.

“I'm okay,” I said before he could ask, sitting up. A wave of dizziness caught me and Will caught me before my head could collide with the headboard.

“At least some things are predictable with you,” Will laughed, nuzzling my hair.

“I did feel okay,” I insisted. “How long will it take to heal?” I asked, starring at his covered arm.

“A day or so,” he murmured, holding me tightly. I frowned, Will wasn't usually the clingy one and I couldn't help wondering where the sudden shift came from.

“You better not be feeling guilty. This was all Vincent's fault” I said, pulling his arms from my neck and looking into his face.

“Yeah I just wish-” his serious tone was interrupted by my phone. “Your pocket is vibrating,” he commented, eyebrow raised.

“My phone,” I laughed. I pulled it out and saw Riley's name. I hit ignore and switched it to silent.

“Someone you don't like,” Will asked.

“It's a long story,” I hesitated. Maybe I should just tell him, but Will struck me as the type of person who was push towards Riley over himself. “I think I'm good to stand.”

“Oh,” Will said, pulling away. For once I was actually right and I was okay. “I'll start cooking something,” he called, walking out of the room. I mumbled an okay and glanced at my phone before pocketing it. I'll need to be more careful. We're in the same vicinity now, so Riley would feel any strong emotions. He might have even felt the pain of the bite. I'd need to come up with a story later.

The End

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