Chapter 16.2Mature

Davis stared him, his skin turning pale. I could smell the adrenaline rushing through his system and there was definitely a glow of yellow in his eyes.

“This treaty is about being fair,” Clara interrupted. She stood up and shot Vincent a look. Then she approached Davis carefully. Keeping her gaze on his. “The reason Vincent is pushing this request is because it was one of us who got hurt. Not just any vampire. Do you understand? If a vampire hurt one of your Alphas, would you not want some form of retribution?” Clara reasoned, her voice level. Davis face looked pained, telling me he did get it.

“This whole debate is pointless. I won't do it anyway,” I sighed, standing up. “So how about we all just head home for the night and calm down.” I made it maybe two steps and Vincent was standing in front of me. I'd rarely seen him move fast, he preferred walking slowly and being a general predator.

“What's wrong William? Even if you have formed some kind of friendship with the boy,” Vincent began, almost spitting out the word. “It should hardly stop you.” I knew the look in his eye, calculative.

“Don't be ridiculous, he's just some pup. Plenty of them come and go. I lose track,” I replied, crossing my arms.

“Then what does it matter if you bite one?” Vincent asked, leaning in closer. I saw him smell me, but there was no trace of Luca on me, I always made sure of that. He didn't let me reply, and even if I did what could I say? I was cornered, Vincent wanted this way too much. If I refused I risk shedding more suspicion on us. I could pretend I'd done it but then Vincent would want to see the healed wounds, and that was something I couldn't pull off. Vincent left, Roderick close behind. Clara shot Davis a sympathetic look before going as well.

“Well fuck,” June muttered, running a hand through her styled hair. “I don't understand how someone can want the treaty, and yet keep pushing it to breaking point.”

“Vincent has always wanted control,” I murmured, catching Davis in the corner of my eye. He was watching me and I knew why.

“I need a cigarette,” June sighed, leaving fast. It was probably true, but she could also sense the tension Davis was aiming towards me. I met his gaze evenly. I couldn't help be aware of how oddly quiet Peter had been about the whole thing until now.

“Davis, it's been decided,” Peter said, standing up and placing a hand on his shoulder. Perhaps Peter cared less about Luca now that he knew he was gay. As always Peter never failed to disappoint.

“If you hurt him,” Davis began.

“Trust me, I don't want this anymore than you,” I replied. He snorted at me and my jaw clenched.

“Not the house. Do it somewhere else,” Davis said. I raised an eyebrow.

“Surely you would feel safer-” I started, confused.

“No. My other children don't need to know about this. And there are others now for the blue moon,” Davis explained shortly. His body was rigid and I wondered how much it was taking him not to turn right now.

“Very well,” I said. The drive home was decidedly too fast. How was I going to do this? Even if Luca did trust me that much, I'd made a promise to never to hurt him. I knew there were some beliefs ingrained in werewolves, one of them being don't get bitten by a vampire. I couldn't do it without explaining though. I cursed loudly, slamming my hands on the wheel. I heard plastic break and muttered another curse. I managed to drive home with some tentative manoeuvring. I'm sure the garage would have fun wondering how I'd managed that tomorrow. I walked out of the parking lot and towards the building and paused mid-step. Luca was waiting upstairs. Had Davis already told him? No, he'd probably just needed to escape all the different pack members that were already turning up. It was risky though with so many people who could get curious and follow. And ill-timed after the task Vincent had just forced upon me.

The End

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