Chapter 16.1Mature

Chapter Sixteen

William's POV

The lights had been turned off when the Janitor had done the last of his cleaning in the building. By this point we were well-prepared to go home though. There were candles scattered around the table casting dim light, but I could still see Clara falling asleep across the table from me.

“There is still one more matter that needs addressing,” Vincent declared.

“C'monnnn,” June groaned, lolling her head back for a few seconds. She slumped forward, flopping both arms on the table and met Vincent's gaze. “I'm sure it's not important. If it could wait until the end of this meeting, it can wait until tomorrow,” she said.

“Why are you in such a rush to get away?” Roderick asked, smirking at her distress.

“Well, Roddy,” she began, instantly annoying him. “Some of us like to actually live, and not fit the poster boy stereotype of our kind,” she explained, looking him up and down. He certainly did look like he belonged in a bad Dracula movie sometimes.

“Sorry, I have more important things to do than dance to terrible music and get high on some drunken humans blood,” he drawled. I saw Peter shudder at the words.

“Give me some credit. It's not just any bar - And I actually have a date,” she said. “Also, I need a smoke,” she added, shrugging.

“That explains the overpowering perfume then,” I murmured with a smile. She snorted at my words.

“Try being the one wearing it. Humans have such a bad sense of smell,” she muttered. “I hope it hasn't been bothering everyone all day.”

“Luckily our sense are dimmed slightly when human,” Davis murmured. I cocked at eyebrow at him. By god, was he actually joining in the banter? Maybe there was hope for this council and the treaty afterall, provided no one discovered Luca and I.

“The werewolf boy,” Vincent began. Any sense of ease Davis had showed before went. I felt my own muscles tense, knowing what Vincent was pushing for.

“I've already told you I won't do that,” I said, narrowing my eyes at Vincent.

“Why are you so against the idea? It's not like you've never bitten a werewolf before,” Vincent replied, a smile completely void of happiness directed my way.

“We're not at war anymore. There's a treaty. I don't want to put it at risk,” I shrugged, appearing as nonchalant as possible.

“It's not like I'm telling you to kill him. Just take back the blood he took from you that night. Or are you happy letting those injuries heal at a human speed?” Vincent asked, a glint in his eye. If he thought a veiled threat was going to concern me he was very wrong. I'd seen the guys working for him, none of which were a particular threat to me. Davis stood up, knocking his chair to the floor in the process. He had placed both palms flat on the table. His gaze moving from Vincent's to mine.

“Our children are off-limits. If you hurt one of them the treaty is through,” Davis said.

“So what if I get someone other than an elder to do it?” Vincent asked, the whisper of a sadistic grim on his face. I narrowed my eyes at him, if he pushed too hard Davis would lash out – and he knew it. The question really was how hard he had to push.

“And technically the boy is eighteen. Adults by human laws,” Vincent added.

“If you send anyone after Luca, I will-”

“You'll what?” Vincent cut him off. “I'd love to see you try to do anything to me Davis. Really, give it your best go. I guarantee I'll be the one walking away unscathed,” he finished. “And the child – Luca – will have to get bitten and lose a parent. And I doubt in that version of the story, he lives through the experience,” Vincent added.

The End

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