“Wow, erm, that was,” he stumbled, his body still hovering over mine.

“Amazing,” I finished. I tugged his curls and he shot me a wide smile, kissing me again. It had to just be crazy hormones, because I couldn't remember feeling this horny before. The way his body pressed against mine driving me insane. I itched to get out of my clothes but the rational part of my mind told me not too. That was way too soon. It was with a pained groan that I pulled away.

“My family's going to wonder where I am,” I sighed.

“Mine too,” Riley agreed. We watched each other for painful moment, both our breaths harsh. Was I shivering? I never expected kissing to effect me this much. Riley licked his dry lips and I found the simple act made me want to pin him to nearest surface. I squeezed my eyes and shook my head.

“Riley,” I murmured.

“Yeah?” he asked, pushing himself off me to stand up. I missed his body warmth very quickly.

“I think I might be gay,” I finished, running a hand through my hair. The implications of the statement suddenly hitting me.

“Really, never would have guessed,” Riley laughed.

“But that's a bad thing,” I whispered, standing up slowly. Riley couldn't think up a response, glancing down at the floor himself.

“Yeah, well, fuck 'em,” Riley growled, a fierce expression on his face. “C'mon, let's head back,” he said, his voice a bit calmer. His tone really surprised me, although it shouldn't have. He must have only recently starting shifting, so his anger was rawer. I followed him out, waiting patiently as Riley checked no one could see us leave.

“Wanna meet up later?” he asked as we walked back into the forests.

“Yeah,” I replied, suddenly feeling very awkward. I'd just kissed someone for the first time, and it had been him. I was still confused about being gay, but at the same time it explained a lot. What would my family think? I decided not to worry about it, smiling at Riley instead.

“Okay, see you then,” he yelled, waving and running off. I guessed to where ever his family where. I smiled again and started to walk then froze.

“Erm,” I murmured, realising I was still in the middle of the woods, with no clue where I was meant to go. I looked upwards, searching for smoke, there had to be enough people making food. The trees stretched way too high though. Maybe I could walk back the way we came and find someone by the lake? I turned and walked a bit and paused again. Was it right behind us actually? I think I remember making turns at times while following Riley.

“Shit,” I whispered. I could just call out one of my siblings names, but then everyone would hear it and that would be far too embarrassing. I walked more, east I think, when I heard voices. I followed them, hesitating when I recognised the words. I clung to the nearest tree and spotted four men, three of them were circling the fourth. The three were adults and the odd one out had to be in his late teens.

“So, me and my buddies heard some rumours. Something about you being a queer. That shit ain't true is it?” The man speaking had a gruff voice, like he smoked too many cigarettes. He had messy stubble and a tangle of dirty blond hair. I couldn't make out many other features but the other two shared his facial structure. They were definitely twins, sharing the same dark hair and blue eyes. All three were very muscular. Even though I wasn't able to sense a wolfs aura, I could tell the man who spoke was an alpha.

“So what if it is?” the younger man replied, shooting a glance over his shoulder. He jumped and I peered further round to see there were two others. They were walking over casually. All five faces around the young man were a mixture of disgust and joy. I'd never seen an expression like it before and was confused. I'd heard words like 'queer' thrown around in a bad light, but this felt different.

“Ah Felix, John, good of you to join us,” the alpha murmured, smirking. “Oh, how rude of me. My name is Travis. My two nephews here are Mitchell and Samuel.” Felix shared the black hair of the other two, although his eyes were more of a sea-green shade. John looked far more like Travis, although his blond hair was brighter.

The End

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