Chapter Fifteen

3 years ago continued

I was woken by whispers through the tent and frowned. I pulled on a shirt and emerged, wearing thin PJ bottoms. Riley emerged from the side of the tent, a wide grin on his face. It was early morning, 7 -8 am.

“What time to do you call this?” I mumbled, wiping sleep from my eyes. More importantly how had I woken up while the others hadn't?

“Follow me,” Riley instructed, grabbing my wrist and yanking him. I let out a surprised yelp but it wasn't loud enough to wake anyone up. Riley himself was dressed in cargo trousers and blue shirt.

“At least let me go wash and get dressed,” I sighed.

“I don't wanna risk waking anyone up,” he called back. Eventually the treeline broke and I realised we were at the lake.

“You wanted an early morning swim?” I joked.

“Cute, follow me,” Riley threw back. I frowned at his choice of words but kept moving. We reached one of the commercial building and I hesitated as Riley pulled out two stretched out paperclip from his trousers.

“Erm, I'm not sure that's such a good idea...” I trailed off, shooting glances around us.

“It'll be perfect,” Riley murmured, biting his lip as he focussed on picking the back doors lock. Werewolf hearing must've been a big help because he clicked it open quickly.

“C'mon,” he urged, grabbing my hand. He shut the door behind us and I took in the large shopping floor. All the usual postcards and name-based keyring's were on display. I idled searched through them but as always Luca wasn't there. I had yet to find a keyring describing whatever Luca meant. I found one for Riley though.

“A child with a luxurious or carefree existence,” I read out. Riley blinked before looking over my shoulder at the green piece of plastic.

“Yeah, it's so carefree hiding from my dad,” he muttered. I frowned at the words. I hadn't really met any of his family, although I had heard dad say a few choice words about Peterborough's alpha.

“Let's check out upstairs,” he suggested, changing the subject before I had to think up an awkward response. Upstairs was mostly storage but there was also a staff room. Riley sat on the sofa, putting his feet up on the coffee table, looking very proud of himself.

“Okay, we totally have a secret hangout now,” he said.

“We're not twelve, I'm not sure why we need a secret hide out,” I replied, unable to help smiling at his own wide grin. His happiness felt so infectious. I sat down next to him and those blue eyes stared into mine. I felt unexplainable nerves as Riley openly studied me.

“So, what do you want to do?” I asked, breaking the eye contact.

“Are you bi or gay?” I choked at the question.

“I, er, I don't know,” I admitted, aware my cheeks were bright red.

“Hmm, fair enough,” Riley mused. Wait, was he attracted to me? I couldn't decide how I felt about the idea. I mean, he was cute to me sure, but that didn't mean anything in itself.

“You don't really care about tact do you?” I laughed.

“My dad doesn't bother with it, seems to work for him,” Riley shrugged. “Want to find out if you are?” he followed up without missing a beat. I froze at the suggestion, staring down at my knees.

“You're allowed to say no,” Riley added with an indifferent shrug. I bit my lower lip and realised Riley was staring. I clamped my lips shut, blushing furiously. I mean, it's not like it hurt to mess around.

“O-okay,” I stuttered. Riley didn't hesitate at all. Pulling closer and kissing me. I gasped at the force it sent through me. Even he seemed surprised by it. We kissed more, my skin tingling at every part of me he touched. I don't know hoe I knew, but I was having the same effect on him. I lost track of time, or how long we'd been on the sofa making out. The sound of laughter outside broke us apart and Riley checked the time. 11:25.

The End

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