Chapter 12.4Mature

“You're uncle sounds like a dick,” Diane murmured.

“Takes a dick to raise one, he's Riley's dad afterall,” I explained.

“Riley was one of the worst. He shouted every name in the book,” Kathleen said.

“Really?” I said, lifting one eyebrow. I had every right to out him there and then, I was ready to do it. Then I remembered the words I just said to him. Even if it was Riley, I wouldn't do it.

“Wow, really huge dick, who happens to like dick,” Diane said. My eyes widened and I looked at her. “What?” she asked. “It's not like he deserves the protection.” So much for my plan …

“Wait, are you being serious?” Kathleen asked, narrowing her eyes.

“Don't tell anyone. You know what his father's like,” I begged.

“Of course I won't. I understand how important is it to keep it a secret, even more so now - but why are you keeping it under wraps as well?” she asked.

“Because I'm gay. So in response to judging you the other day, that wouldn't have happened. Though you didn't smell particularly great,” I added. “Also, we do get soulmates.” I saw the various shocks pass through her system and eventually she nodded silently.

“Well, that's a relief,” she murmured. She asked me a few more questions and was shocked to learn I was being open. We talked about more general stuff and I learned she was doing a part time night course at my college.

“Ah, crap, the time. I gotta get home before mum freaks – and she's been doing that a lot lately,” Diane said. I somehow wasn't surprised. Even with their minds being erased, they'll still recall feeling scared and panicked. It would probably effect them for a while yet.

“That's okay, we'll have to hang out another time,” Kathleen said.

“Yes, and I'm going to talk to my dad,” I said, surprising her. “Even if you're a lone, you should be welcome to attend the blue moon.” Kathleen seemed unsure how to respond and I thought her eyes were a bit shiner.

“Thank you,” she whispered, gulping. “Don't forget to look out for yourself Luca, my uncle Travis won't just ignore us.” I nodded, aware I was hearing the echo of the same warning everywhere I went.

“I will do,” I promised. She waved as we left the shop and Diane shot me a side-glance.

“If this Travis guy really that bad?” she asked. I hesitated, unsure how much detail to go into. I didn't want to scare her. I could still remember clear as day the worst thing I ever saw him and some of his pack mates do. They didn't realise I was watching until the end and swore me to secrecy. I was too terrified to ever tell my dad, too terrified they'd do the same to me.

“Nothing I can't handle,” I murmured. “Besides, I'll stay with my family. He won't be able to get near me,” I added with more confidence. She nodded slowly, concern pulling her lips downwards.

“About the blue moon …” She began nervously. “I can go now, can't I?” she said. I blinked at her words and cocked an eyebrow.

“If you're accepting that you're Bryan's soulmate, sure,” I replied. She tensed at the mention of Bryan's name and signed.

“I still don't know, but I don't want to leave you on your own,” she shrugged.

“I'll talk to dad, it'll probably be fine. Though you may want to talk to Bryan first. If he hears it through me he may think you're … open to the whole thing now,” I explained. She let out a whoosh of air before nodding, placing her head in one hand.

“Yeah, I'll head back with you and talk to him,” she said, surprising me. I'd figured she'd just text or possibly call.

The End

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