Chapter 12.3Mature

“You've been to Cambridge before, sure you can remember,” I muttered. Based on his widening grin he recalled the wrong memories. I sighed, wondering how I was going to do this.

“Riley, I have a boyfriend. So whatever you're hoping for, it's not going to happen,” I said, maintaining eye contact so he would see I was serious. Genuine shock rattled his body and he seemed to take a moment to decide his answer.

“How long has it been going?” he finally asked.

“A while now,” I said. I wasn't going to say a few weeks. Riley would just snort at the short length of time and keep pushing.

“Is it serious?” he asked, his voice the most sober I'd ever heard it. He couldn't really be that bothered by this. All I had ever been to him was a random hook up at the end of the day.

“It feels it,” I replied. Riley nodded, frowning to himself. I suddenly wished I had a view into his thoughts, but all I could get were feelings – and what I was sensing contradicted everything I thought I knew about him.

“Well, I better go,” he said, standing up abruptly.

“Oh, okay. See you at the blue moon,” I said. He gave a half-hearted nod before leaving the shop. I starred across the table at his drink. He'd hardly touched. I didn't much feel like drinking mine either now. I waited a few minutes before leaving. I told myself not to think about what had happened. So what if he was sad? He was probably just upset that he couldn't get a one night stand out of me. I got back to the tattoo shop where Diane was talking to Kelsie still, new piercing in place.

“Hey, where'd you go off to?” She asked.

“Nothing important,” I shrugged. Kelsie narrowed her eyes in my direction.

“I'm guessing with a date or crush, you're blushing,” Kelsie declared, smirking. I grimaced at the idea.

“More an ex I want nothing to do with,” I replied. A small 'o' formed on her face. The shops bell twinkled behind me and we glanced at the newcomer.

“Hey, Kelsie, sorry I'm late – again. Traffic was hell this morning and -” Kathleen cut off when she saw me. “What are you doing here?” She asked, accusation clear in her voice. My eyes bugged out a little at the vehemence in her voice.

“My best friend was getting a piercing,” I replied, motioning a nervous hand at Diane who was pointing at her eyebrow.

“Oh,” Kathleen said. Then she signed, resting her head in her hands. “Sorry, I'm tired and on edge.”

“Then quit taking all the extra shifts Francis throws at us,” Kelsie muttered, flipping a few agitated pages of a magazine.

“Francis?” I asked, cocking an eyebrow.

“Dude is rarely ever in. He stopped working days like five months ago, but our boss won't fire him because no one wants to always work nights,” Kelsie explained, signing loudly. Talk about learning something new, I hadn't realised Francis was that newly turned. “Anyway, I'll head off now that you're here Kathy,” Kelsie said. She headed to a back room and we heard the sounds of a locker being opened and emptied. She came back a few moments later, smiled and left. I couldn't help admire the affluence she carried herself with that crazy hair.

“Okay, why are you really here,” Kathleen said, taking Kelsie's place behind the counter.

“I told you-” I began.

“Please, those chances? Obviously daddy got his kid to sniff out the lone wolf for something. So what is it? Did he change his mind already and kick me out of the area?” Kathleen asked, her teeth gritting as she spoke. I blinked at her, glancing at Diane.

“Wait, you're a werewolf?” Diane asked. Kathleen did the exact same thing I just did.

“She's human,” Kathleen said. “And she knows?”

“Long story,” I signed.

“Somebody's soulmate? Yours?” Kathleen asked, her voice growing a little sad as she spoke. “That must be nice.” Diane laughed, shaking her head.

“I'd be very worried if I was Luca soulmate,” she finally said. Kathleen shrugged, glancing down at the appointment book.

“I don't have a soulmate,” she said. “My uncle said I couldn't have one, because what I am is unnatural.” Diane stopped her laughing, her complexion paling.

The End

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