Chapter 13.1Mature

Chapter Thirteen

I frowned down at the pictures I'd taken with the camera William had given me. It was interesting to contrast them against the modern variations. It was also the only idea I had so far for my photography project. I had the few photos I'd taken of William – apparently vampires could be caught on camera – which I kept hidden away. I doubted my parents or siblings would understand them easily.

“What do you want to do over the summer?” Diane asked, her voice distracted. Her eyes were scanning a picture as she wrote an analysis of another photographers work. The summer holidays. There were approaching way too fast for my liking. The blue moon would be in a few weeks. People were going to start turning up any moment now. Part of me was excited, it was always nice to gather in large groups and meet others. Though, all the others times I'd never been openly gay. I had no clue if people knew already, or if it was just something they were going to realise. I hadn't gotten a second call from Riley, so I had to assume his dad didn't know.

“Haven't thought about it much,” I lied. She frowned, shooting me a glance.

“Spending time with William?” she asked, cocking a suggestive eyebrow. I felt my cheeks flush and looked away. I couldn't hide my small smile. I'd spent time with him every few days. It was a little difficult when his job was so haphazard and he kept having to disappear.

“Yeah,” I admitted. “Though he keeps insisting on being a gentleman about everything,” I added, sighing. Diane blinked at me.

“Wait, you guys haven't-?” she cut herself off. “Wow, you guys seemed pretty, well, err. Y'know. Before,” she said.

“Yeah,” I repeated. It wasn't that I was that bothered, okay I was a lot bothered. It threw me and completely contradicted my own – limited – experience. Diane glanced at her phone.

“Yes!” Diane yelped.

“What happened?” I asked, a little annoyed by the sudden subject shift. Though I doubt Diane could say a lot to help. She was still coming to terms with what Bryan had told her.

“Sorry,” she murmured, pink showing under her rice powder. “I just got permission from mum to go to the tattoo place after college and get my eyebrow pierced,” she said, grinning. “Want to come with?” she asked.

“It's not like I have much else to do,” I said. William hadn't texted me with any meeting plans and there was nothing happening at home. My parents were mostly setting up for the blue moon and I was trying to avoid reminders of it.

“Awesome,” she grinned. The moment class was over she dragged me to the bus stop, chattering excitedly. I just shook my head at her enthusiasm and followed her onto the bus and into town. The tattoo place was away from the main streets, in a much quieter strip of shops. The place was empty when we walked in apart from a girl with half her head shaved, the other flowing rich, black curls. There were various tattoos displayed on the walls behind the counter. She looked up and I saw a lot of metal on her face. I guess you'd have to like it all to work here.

“Di!” she yelled, recognising Diane. She'd come here for for a few piercing, mostly on her ears. I also knew she had a rose tattoo, but she wouldn't tell me where.

“Kelsie!” Diane screamed back. I blinked and watched them do excited squeaks at each other, before exchanging whispers. Girls were weird.

“Who's your cute friend?” Kelsie asked, titling her head at me so her curls fell across her shoulders and swung lightly in the air.

“Taken by another guy,” Diane replied.

“Damn,” she pouted. “Take a seat, this'll only take a few minutes,” she said, pointing to the few chairs against one wall. Diane sent me a grin before following Kelsie round a curtained off area. I shuddered at the idea of getting anything pierced. I slumped back in the seat, wondering what William was up to. Had he ever done stuff like this? He must've lived long enough to have at some point. I pulled out my phone, wondering if I should call him. That's when I felt it, a involuntary shudder down my spine. I Hadn't felt it in a very long time, but I knew exactly what it meant. I stood up and walked outside, casting my gaze. It was way too soon, he had no reason to be here. I moved to the right, where the main streets were and froze.

The End

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