Chapter 12.5Mature

“Francis is in the clear now. Unfortunately Vincent vouched for Gregory, so he's just under house arrest for a few days. Which means the attempts to hurt the treaty aren't finished. It was good to have proof against Gregory. But the real person behind all this is Vincent I'm sure. Getting anything on him will be impossible though. He's too good at having others do his dirty work,” William explained. “My own suspicion alone is useless. He's the oldest vampire in England and none of the others are interested in coming here. There are treaty's elsewhere that need managing,” William continued, sighing.

“The blue moon is in a few more weeks. If Vincent were planning anything it would be then,” I pointed out. He nodded, having already thought this.

“He's insisted one of the elders hang around. I'd volunteer, but he's already suspicious of me. I doubt he guesses this, but he knows something is going on,” William said. It was a probably a good thing. I doubted we could hide with that many werewolves – and a lot of them would be well aware of his presence - and the last thing I wanted to happen was for him to meet Riley.

“As long as it isn't Vincent or that other guy, I can't see there being a problem,” I murmured.

“I can try asking June to do it. Clara won't, she's too busy at the moment,” William said, though I got the sense he was talking to himself now as he pulled his phone out.

“And back to your original question,” he said once he finished, putting his phone back in his jacket. He grabbed my hand and dropped something in it. I blinked at the spare key. It was the one I'd put back through the letterbox when I'd left. “I can't guarantee I'll be in everytime, but you can visit whenever,” he said, smiling. I felt a 'no' forming on my lips, but he cut me off, covering my lips with his fingers.

“No one goes round my house, so no reason they'd be suspicious of your scent hanging around,” he said. I still wanted to object, but I knew that look in his eyes by now. I grabbed my keys from my bedside table and added it to the chain. I hovered uncertainly, wondering if should mention Riley. I could put to rest the whole soulmate issue easily. Or scare him away completely.

“I better go,” he said, standing up and pulling me from my thoughts.

“Was Primeval that bad?” I joked.

“It's better than some stuff I've seen,” he replied, laughing. He leaned forward, pressing his lips against mine. He made to pull away and I wrapped my hands round his collar, holding him in place. He laughed against my lips and broke free.

“Patience,” he murmured, amusement obvious in his tone.

“You didn't seem all that patient at Diane's,” I muttered. I thought I saw his cheeks blush at that, but It was hard to tell with his pale skin.

“I wasn't thinking very straight then,” he admitted. “But if we're going to do this, I intend to do it probably,” he finished.

“You realise this is secret. My dad isn't judging you on your ability to hold back,” I threw back, smirking. Okay, admittedly I had no clue if I was ready for that step, but the abruptly cut off kisses were difficult to deal with.

“Your dad is judging me, no matter what I do. If he knew about this … The treaty would be history,” William said, the easy edge leaving his voice.

“Good thing we're a secret then,” I replied, wanting to go back to the joking a few seconds ago. It wasn't happening, William was looking too deep in thought and I worried. He'd cut us off before we'd even started. Was he going to do that again?

“Come over tomorrow if you can,” he said, returning to the present. He walked over to my window, pulling it open again.

“Bye,” I said before he disappeared into the night. I sighed once he left, wondering why he'd suddenly decided to take things slow. Did that mean he wasn't as interested? I got up, shutting my window and slumped against the wall. I couldn't help laughing at myself. I'd been thinking these things with Riley and he'd been the exact opposite, after only one thing. I needed to stop worrying, William was nothing like Riley. In all the best ways. I slept well, glad I was home again.

The End

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