Chapter 12.3Mature

I 'd barely walked through the door before mum engulfed me in a lavender-scented hug.

“Can't … breath,” I joked. She whacked me lightly on the back of the head for it. “Ow,” I muttered. After a few more seconds she broke off the hug, tears forming in her eyes. She sniffed once and looked at dad.

“What happened?” she asked, her hands still on my arms. I had a feeling she was going to keep a hold until she was sure I wouldn't vanish again.

“Doesn't matter, I'm fine,” I said, cutting off dad. I didn't want her worrying more than she already had. And based on the red eyes, she had a lot. I felt a wave of guilt at the thought. At a lot of my thoughts actually. Why did I believe dad would really kick me out? I should've asked him to explain, instead I just ran.

“How about you go upstairs, it's late,” dad said. I nodded. I hugged mum again, not commenting this time when she squeezed with force. I passed Bryan in the stairs, he was grinning.

“Welcome back,” he said, ruffling my hair before I could reply. I sighed at the gesture.

“Good to be back,” I said. He laughed, walking past me and downstairs. I got halfway down the hallway when Penny's door threw open and she crashed into me. I barely stopped us from falling to the ground as she griped her arms tight around me. When she pulled back she was openly crying and smiling. The smile faded quickly though.

“You sure you're ready to do this?” she asked, talking about the blue moon. “We'll call anything out if it happens near us, but you know what Trav's pack can be like.” I nodded, well aware of him. He was probably the reason Riley was the way he was.

“I'm sure,” I replied. She let out a small sigh and pulled me back for another squeeze, before returning to her door. Walking into my old room felt weird. It hadn't changed at all, aside from a new layer of dust on the surfaces. I dumped my bag in one corner and collapsed onto my bed, letting out a relieved breath. I didn't realise how much I'd missed my own bed. I buried my head in my pillow, more than happy to just fall asleep.

“You might suffocate doing that.”

I jumped at William voice and looked up instantly.

“How'd you get in here?” I asked, worried dad would notice.

“The invites still going. Also you left your window unlocked,” he said, smirking at the last part. He pointed in the direction of the windows behind him and I saw that one of the panes had been opened from the outside.

“Oh,” I said, unsure what else to say. I stood up and shut the window, horribly self-conscious. I could still remember the last kiss. A lot had happened since then though and I still wasn't sure what we were. All I knew was he didn't care about our differences, and neither did I. I wondered what the old me - who let his older brother convince him to fight some random vamps at a bar - would think of that. “So,” I began nervously.

“Diane made me realise something,” William said. I snapped my mouth shut, raising an eyebrow. He hesitated, leaning against the windowsill next to me. “Werewolves have soulmates,” he continued. My eyes widened as I realised where he was going with this. “Eventually you're going to find yours,” he finished.

“I really wouldn't worry about that,” I said, fighting the urge to roll my eyes at Riley, just.

“I'm not,” he said. I glanced at him, frowning. Why did he bring it up then? “I just hope it's not anytime soon so we have more time.” I stared at him, wondering if I should mention Riley or not. If I did, would William just worry unnecessarily? Maybe it was better to leave things as they were. Other than the blue moons, I'd never see Riley.

The End

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