Chapter 11.5Mature

Diane's POV cont.

“That's insane,” I said. Bryan was stood up as well now, hurt evident in his face.

“It usually is for humans,” he said.

“Helpful,” I replied dryly. I made to push past him but he stopped me, wrapping his arms around me and pulling me towards him. “Let me go,” I said, struggling uselessly. The guy was a tower made of steel bricks afterall.

“Let me show you it's true,” he pleaded, turning me so I faced him. I hesitated, my breathing unsteady once again. There was a desperate look to his eyes, and I almost wanted to do as he asked. But I couldn't. I pulled away and he let me, dropping his arms and falling into a defeated stance. I didn't hang around, heading upstairs. What was I going to say? Sorry, you've got the wrong girl? I recalled Luca telling me about this./ Had he known. I was so grilling him about it. I stormed upstairs and threw my bedroom door open, knowing that was where he was hiding. I cried out at what I saw and quickly shut the door again, covering my mouth to keep in anymore sound.

“Diane, what's wrong?” Bryan called up.

“A guy suddenly told me I was his soulmate,” I yelled back down. “Leave me alone!” I added at the sound of footsteps. I could hear a creak on the stairs when he hesitated. Then he sighed and went back to the living room. The door behind me peeked open and Luca appeared, looking suitably flushed. Somehow I wasn't surprised. I was just glad all I saw was making out. If I'd waited few more minutes before coming upstairs, I'm pretty sure I would've seen way more than a best friend should ever see.

“Is it safe to enter?” I asked, cocking an eyebrow.

“Yes,” he sighed, opening the door for me. William was leaned against the wall, though unlike Luca he didn't look embarrassed. If anything he was fighting a smile. I glanced at the messed up covers of my bed and had to fight the urge to smile. I maintained my serious demeanour, somehow, and looked at Luca.

“You guys were going to do it in my bed?” I asked.

“We weren't going to go that far,” Luca said back, shoving his hands into his pockets. If his response bothered William, he didn't show it.

“Okay,” I said, beginning to pace. It was really hard not to start laughing. “First off, I totally told you so,” I said, making Luca roll his eyes.

“Told him so?” William asked, raising an amused eyebrow.

“I knew from the start Luca liked you,” I shrugged. William smirked, glancing at Luca. “I also knew you liked him back,” I added before his got too cocky. Apparently vampires didn't get embarrassed. Maybe it was the whole old-age thing. “Secondly, I thought you said you guys and vampires were eternal enemies or whatever,” I asked. I had a feeling I said the completely wrong thing. The blush left Luca's face and he gave a tired sigh. Even William's earlier amusement faded. I glanced form one to the other, confused.

“Oh-kay,” I said, drawing out the word awkwardly. “Why didn't you tell me about Bryan thinking I was his soulmate?” I directed to Luca. He blinked at the question, surprised.

“Wait, he told you finally?” he asked.

“Finally?” I echoed. “Luca, the guy needs anti-psychotics. I'm not his soulmate,” I replied.

“Actually,” William replied, “You are.” I glanced at him alongside Luca.

“What? Vampires can see the bond too now?” I asked.

“No, it's just obvious in the way he looks at you,” he shrugged. I let out a short laugh, trying to search for another way to deny it. I glanced at Luca helplessly but he just sent me a smile.

“Sorry, but what he's saying is true. He's known for ages,” Luca replied. I blinked at that, frowning.

“How long?” I asked.

“No clue,” Luca sighed. “For a long time he wasn't sure and kept it to himself I think.” I sighed, because that was the only action that could sum up how I felt. I glanced outside and saw the sky was darkening. “How about you guys head off. I need my room back for a while.”

Authors note: I haven't really gone through and checked this chapter, so if they are typos, sorry and please point them out! I will go through and edit properly later :)

The End

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